How to Read More 2020

I used to be very close minded with the way that I looked at reading in the past. I used to think that I could only read one book at a time, and that I couldn't listen to another audiobook, or touch another physical copy until I'd gotten through whatever it was that I was reading.

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How to Read More

In 2020 I decided that I wanted to read more, and as I've gotten older I've become a lot more relaxed with things than I have in the past. I have found myself reading more books overall, reading several books at one time, and fitting more reading into more corners of my day than ever before. Now I just need to join a book club and my reading life will be complete.

Reading One Chapter Before Bed

I've made a new habit of reading one chapter in a physical book each night before bed. This not only helps me with my goal of reading more, but helps me sleep better since the last thing I'm looking at is not a screen. It also means that in a given month, I can likely get through at least two books, since most books are likely less than 15 chapters. The key is finding time that is going to work.

Listening To A Book While Exercising:

A few years ago I bought a bunch of books on Audible that were about professional endurance athletes, and I never listened to them. A few weeks ago I found myself really bored listening to the same songs on the treadmill, so I started listening to these books I'd purchased years ago. I was surprised by how much I could listen to in just a 30 minute run session, and how much more inspired I was to run faster when listening to these stories told by professional athletes.

Reading Aloud With Kyle Before Bed:

I started reading Harry Potter with Kyle before bed this year and it's been so fun. We've been reading one chapter each night, which means in a month we'll easily get through at least two books, but likely more. I've learned that I'm much more excited to read to my kids when it's a book I already know I love.

Setting A Reading Goal:

Setting reading challenges for myself really motivates me to pick up a book, read a lot more, and make a reading habit part of my everyday routine. Making reading lists of books I want to read helps me to actually finish a book, since I know there are more good books on my list waiting for me once I finish. I want to try and read 72 books in 2020, and my finding a small amount of time in my day here and there, I find I enjoy reading more, and it doesn't take me hours a day.

Monthly Books Totals:

Previously when I was only reading/listening to one book at a time, I was only reading/listening after the kids went to bed. This is such a small timeframe in my life that if I really pushed it, I could get through four books a month, maybe five. By incorporating reading into many smaller parts of my life, I've actually made it so that I can get through more books in the same one month period.

I can likely read at least two books a month if I read one chapter a night before bed. I can likely listen to at least two audiobooks a month if I listen to them the four times a week that I workout, and on my way to school pickup when kids aren't in the car. I can also get through two chapter books a month with Kyle, if not more, if I'm reading a chapter a day before bed each night.

That means that I'm getting through at least six books a month, at the minimum, when before I felt like I was super stretched for time to read, and could maybe get through four. Two extra books a month might not seem like a huge deal, but over the course of an entire year, thats 24 books that I otherwise wouldn't have read.

How are you making time for reading in your life? Are there any books you're really loving right now? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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  1. I am a monogamous book reader and I never do audiobooks. The old soul in me just has to have the physical copies. Right now I’m reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography. We have our political differences, but i have gained so much respect for her and the amazing things she has done in her life.