A Day In The Life In Quarantine (Hour by Hour Log!)

I haven't done a day in the life post in forever, and after giving a big life update in yesterday's post, I thought it would be fun to share with you all what our days really look like right now. I feel lucky to have a lot of help and support from Derek, especially in the mornings because I am not a morning person at all.

5:45am: Kinsley wakes up and needs her blankets put back on her. As you can imagine, it's difficult for a quadriplegic to get their blankets on when they're fully awake, so tucking herself back in when she's mostly asleep is kind of an issue.

7:00am: Kinsley needs her blankets adjusted again, I never fell back asleep from the last adjustment, so I'm exhausted and pass out again until 8am.

8:00am: Kinsley and Kyle both wake up. Kyle goes downstairs to get breakfast and Derek (who woke up sometime between Kinsley's first wakeup call and now) brings Kinsley down to eat while I start my morning routine.

8:05am: I wake up and start checking my email, read my scriptures, tidy our room and start some laundry, and then get dressed and do my hair for the day.

8:40am: I head downstairs and get Kinsley dressed and started on schoolwork.

9:00am: I make my oatmeal while Kinsley works on her writing worksheets. I sit down and eat while I help her through the rest of her schoolwork.

9:30am: Kinsley is done with her schoolwork and starts playing with toys while I start typing out this post on the couch.

9:35am: I share my blog post from today on all my social media channels, actually respond to the emails that came in through the middle of the night, and get a bulk of my blog work done for the day before lunchtime.

10:00am: I went upstairs to switch out the laundry and find our HSA debit card so I can order the kids new glasses. They got their prescriptions updated in January and I still never got them new glasses so I figured now was a good time to do that.

10:54am: After spending an hour going back and forth between different websites and finding frames for the kids, I finally got their glasses ordered, and now am heading back to my email to sift through the multiple emails that came through in the last little bit.

11:00am: I start writing a blog post about grooming your own dog at home. Writing takes about 35 minutes. I still need to take and edit pictures for later, but if feels good to have some work done for later in the week!

11:35am: The kids have been playing well together for the last hour so I go upstairs and hide in our walk in closet where Derek is working and sit on the floor and eat some spicy almonds.

11:45am: I finish my snack, change a load of laundry and then head downstairs and clean up the big toy mess from the kids before making lunch.

12:00pm: Kyle makes himself a quesadilla for lunch, Derek comes downstairs to eat with us and makes a turkey sandwich. Kinsley wanted a hot dog and peaches and I made myself a massive salad. Kinsley ended up eating the rest of my salad and I hopped back onto my computer to clear out a few more emails while Derek sat and ate with Kinsley.

12:30pm: The kids and I head upstairs for quiet time while I made a phone call. Our belt for our treadmill broke and I spent almost an hour on hold with customer service only for them to tell me the repair would cost more than it was worth and I should wait for our treadmill to explode before buying a new one.

1:30pm: I email the company that sent me the treadmill (I got it for free as a product testing opportunity), and ask if there are any options moving forward for them to send a new treadmill... not holding out much hope, but at least we have money in savings for a new one if we need to go that route.

1:45pm: I veg out on Instagram and youtube for a little bit before remembering I need to do my makeup for an Instagram picture I need to take. I then remember that I also need to put a new shirt on which leads me to folding all of the laundry that I did this morning, and to switch the darks into the dryer.

2:00pm: The kids say they're hungry and want a snack. Today we had granola bars and fruit snacks.

2:10pm: I finally change my shirt and recruit Derek to take the instagram picture for me.

2:19pm: Forget I'm supposed to be holding a sign in the picture, hop onto picmonkey to make the sign I need.

2:30pm: Decided I didn't like my hair in the picture, curled my hair and made Derek retake the picture.

2:40pm: Edit the pictures and send them over to the person that needed them for the Instagram collaboration.

2:45pm: Kinsley is playing games on the ipad and Kyle is downstairs watching Ninjago. I decide to get my running clothes on and get my workout done for the day- 75 minutes easy pace on the treadmill (still using it since it hasn't caught fire and killed me yet).

4:30pm: Finished my run (7.2 miles) and grabbed the mail. The kid's bathing suits that were supposed to be in their Easter baskets came. The kids were both thrilled and disappointed that it will be a long time before we can use them.

4:35pm: Finish up some last minute work for the day while eating some more spicy almonds, and drinking some water. Derek is playing a board game with Kinsley since he's done working for the day, and Kyle has turned off the TV and is playing downstairs.

5:00pm: I hop in the shower while Derek unloads and loads the dishwasher for me. Dinner goes in the oven.

5:45pm: Dinner is ready and we all sit down and eat together. The kids start going bonkers and I head out to get Derek and I a soda #priorities.

6:30pm: I get home from my soda run and Derek has already gotten the kids in bed. We sit on the couch for a few minutes before his family Facetimes us, and we get the kids out of bed to talk to them.

8:00pm: We get the kids back and bed and Derek and I watch the news together while I get some abs/core work done.

8:30pm: I look for pictures that we can post to The Bamboo Brace Instagram account, and go back and forth with my bosses on which picture we should post and the caption.

9:00pm: The kids both get out of bed again and I get up and get them back in bed.

9:35pm: I finish posting for The Bamboo Brace, get this post ready for tomorrow, watch a show with Derek and head off to bed!

What are your days looking like right now? I'd love to know in the comments! 

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