Zion Wildflower Resort: Glamping Near Zion National Park

One thing our family is interested in doing this summer is still making time and space for vacations and trips, despite everything going on in the world right now. The best way we can practically do this is by camping, and focusing our trips on nature and the great outdoors. 

Derek and I have lived in Utah for six years (three when we first got married, and three more since moving back in 2017), and have never been to Zion National Park, or any of the National Parks in Southern Utah. 

We have friends who just opened the most amazing glamping experience: Zion Wildflower Resort, and are planning on heading down next month for a little anniversary getaway without the kids. The Zion Wildflower Resort is beautiful, and our friends didn't miss a single detail when creating this space from the ground up. Even though we're not visiting for another month, I wanted to give you guys a preview of the resort so that it can be on your radar, and so that you could book a stay for your family.

Lodging Options at Zion Wildflower Resort:
When you book your stay with Zion Wildflower Resort, you have three lodging options. The first option is the large canvas tent that comes with a King size bed, two twin sized beds, and comfortably sleeps four people. 

The next option is the covered wagons. This is such a fun experience and gives a little nod to our Utah heritage. There are two options: one that sleeps four people with a king size bed and two twin size beds. The other wagon option has a king size bed, and two twin size bunk beds, and allows you to sleep six people. 

Finally, there are four different bungalow options. The bungalows are essentially mini houses built on the property, and the four styles fit a wide variety of guests. There is a two bedroom option with a king size bed and a queen size bed that sleeps four people, another bungalow option has two queen size beds and sleeps four people, the third option has a king size bed along with a full on full bunk bed, and then there is a single king size bed option for two people. 

What Amenities are Offered at Zion Wildflower Resort:
There are so many fun things to see and do while you're at the Zion Wildflower Resort. Not only do you get to experience and lodge in the great outdoors, but there are fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. There are oversize yard games, plenty of outdoor space for yoga and other exercise. There are large fire pits to keep you warm and cozy with your family at night, along BBQ pits, and even painting activities provided at the office. 

If you're not staying in one of the bungalows, there are luxury bath houses available for guest use. Each bath house has multiple private bathrooms inside that have a sink, vanity, toilet, and shower, that are fully lockable for privacy. There is no wifi available on the property to encourage unplugging and connecting with those you're with, but the property does have strong LTE cell coverage so that you can still be connected to family and make phone calls/text messages as needed. 

How Far Away is Zion Wildflower Resort from Zion National Park?
The best part about Zion Wildflower Resort is getting to be a quick 15 minute drive from Zion's National Park. If you're going to be visiting Zion this summer and need a place to stay, take advantage of the amazing rates and wonderful lodging opportunities that Zion Wildflower has to offer. The benefit to Zion Wildflower is getting to extend your time at Zion into the great outdoors where you can rest and unplug from a day of hiking and exploring, and still be outdoors experiencing all that southern Utah has to offer. If you're looking for a way to unplug from the hustle and bustle of life, and be one with nature, you're not going to want to miss out on this wonderful luxury camping opportunity. 

Zion Wildflower Resort is currently booking for the 2020 season. They have contactless check-in to ensure all their guests are safe and healthy, and are ready to provide you with the ultimate camping experience this summer. To learn more about room rates and availability, head over to their site today!

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