Summer 2020 Bucket List

The next few months are going to be kind of a wild ride for us. We move into our new house in 12 more days, we need to get the kids registered for their new schools, I'm going to be teaching PE starting in August... there are so many things to prep for! While this summer is going to be a bit crazy in it's own right, I don't want to lose sight of the fact that it's summer, and I want to make it as intentional as I can for my kids, and plan some fun things that I'm excited to do as well!

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Camping in Bear Lake: We go to Bear Lake once every summer. Last year we stayed in a condo, the year before that we just did a day trip, this year I would love to camp there and rent a boat to take the kids out on the lake! 

Take a trip without the kids: Aside from going on Pioneer Trek last year where we swapped our two kids for a large group of teenagers, Derek and I have never been away from our kids overnight. This year we're heading down to Zion National Park for an anniversary getaway and I could not be more excited! 

Move into our new house: We close on and move into our house in 12 more days. I really couldn't be more excited about it! Cleaning, packing, organizing, unpacking, it's a thrill. But I'm also looking forward to the fact that we're never never never never never moving again. I know no one believes me when I say that, but I really really really really really really mean it this time. 

Remodel our home office: We slowly want to change some finishes in our house over time, and I think the home office is a small enough space to give us good DIY confidence, without also needing a ton of work. We mostly want to paint, and change the doors and ceiling fan. This is finally going to be the house where I get the black wall I've been dreaming of the last three years. 

Daily focused activity with kids: I want to make sure I'm being hands on with the kids each day whether that's setting up something for them to do in the yard, a craft inside, or some at home PT with Kinsley,  I want to make sure that I'm spending some sort of intentional time with the kids each and every day. 

Invite friends over at least twice a month: Part of the large appeal of this home was the ability to host a lot of people. Yes we could host in the last house we had, and we did, but after being in a townhouse for a year where we haven't had friends over, and then living through a pandemic when we couldn't get together with people, it's making me feel really intentional about gathering our friends and having their kids over when possible. 

What do you have on the menu for your summer bucket list? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. House remodel! It is simultaneously exciting and scary! But the end result should be good. Hopefully I get to take the kids out to the local swimming pool...more than once. :)

    1. Ooooh! How fun! It will be totally worth it when it's done!