Birthday Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boy

Kyle turns eight at the end of the week and I honestly can't believe that he's really going to be that old. Eight just sounds old to me. I've been really wanting to get Kyle some more intentional gifts this year instead of toys because I feel like we get him something really cool and fancy and then a week later he is over it, and is back to playing with Legos and Hot Wheels or other things that he's liked for the last five years. This year instead we focused on more practical things for him. Items we know will get used, are still fun, and will actually get played with. 

If you're in the market for some birthday gifts for an 8-year-old boy, I've got you covered with some great and practical ideas that any child will love. 

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Birthday Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boy:

Kyle lost his soccer ball sometime in the last year. With soccer starting up again one of his Grandma's bought him a soccer ball and a pump (which we've never had), so that he'll be all set to start soccer in a couple weeks. He's missed being able to play soccer in our backyard and so he's going to love this so much. 

My mom bought him these pop-up soccer goals for him to use in our backyard and I'm honestly super excited about them. I also love playing soccer, so now that we can play one-on-one in the backyard with real goals instead of cardboard boxes seems super fancy to me! Kinsley will get plenty of enjoyment trying to kick the ball into them as well. 

He's been asking for a telescope for the last year and we've always forgotten about it anytime a gift giving moment comes. We'd gotten a $100 Best Buy gift card when we purchased our washer and dryer last month, and used part of that to get him this telescope! It came with a four star review, and a microscope kit too, so I think he's going to love it, and it will come in handy now that we're homeschooling this year too. 

Kyle has been using this Olaf bike helmet for four years now. In as much as it still fits him, he's outgrown it from a maturity standpoint. We purchased him this matte black bike helmet and I think he's going to love cruising up and down the street in his Storm Trooper bike a lot more now that he won't have an enormous carrot sticking out of his head. 

An Experience Gift:
My dad has always been the type of person to just mail checks for birthday's and this year he felt bad and asked if we'd rather do something else, I told him to keep doing what he's doing! This year we're using the check to have a really fun beach day up at Pineview Reservoir. We used the money he sent to buy some cheap beach toys and a pop-up shade tent for the beach, so what he really ended up giving Kyle was the main fun activity that he'll get to do on his special day, and we're so grateful for it! 

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