Best Online Piano Lessons for Kids

Lessonface is the go-to program if you're looking for the best online piano lessons for kids. You can get your first month free to try it out before you commit! 

While music isn't something that was huge in my life growing up, Derek comes from a long line of family members who can play instruments. Out of his nine siblings, all of them started playing the piano, and then eventually moved to another instrument such as the saxophone, trombone, violin, etc... When Kyle turned 8 this year we knew we wanted to get him started with piano, and wound up finding the best online piano lessons for kids through Lessonface and their Piano Pass program! 

best online piano lessons for kids

Best Online Piano Lessons for Kids: Lessonface Review 

I had never heard of Lessonface until 2020. I was a little hesitant having Kyle's first introduction to the piano being through online lessons, but it's actually worked out really well for us, and he's been progressing really well over the last 5-6 weeks since we started. Lessonface offers both private and group piano lessons. We've been using their Piano Pass program which has over 80 weekly lessons available, so there is bound to be something that works in your timeframe. 

Kyle does the kid's beginner class with Beverly every Sunday at 12pm. I also love that multiple people can all use the same account for the same one time monthly price. Meaning I can sign up to take a lesson at 6pm on Tuesday evenings for adult beginners, while Kyle is signed up for his class on Sunday afternoons, all for the same price. 

Lessonface is more than just piano lessons though! They offer lessons in almost any instrument imaginable. I prefer the group lessons just because it works with our budget and availability really well, but they have over 1,000 teachers that would love to work one-on-one with you or your children if that's something you're interested in too.

They also recently launched a Guitar Pass program, which works the same way as the group piano lessons, only for the guitar instead. 

best online piano lessons for kids

How Much Does Piano Pass Cost: 

Your first month of Piano Pass is $14.99, and then $30/mo after that. When you use my link you can get a $15 credit making your first month free! If you have multiple children playing the piano, this is the most cost effective option because you can get all of them playing the piano for that one time $30/month price instead of paying likely double that per child per month using a traditional in person instructor. 

Use this link to try Piano Pass for free for your first month! 

How Do Piano Pass Lessons Work? 

The day of Kyle's lesson we get an email from his teacher telling us where to print and download the course materials. We print off the needed music for the week, put it at the piano, and then click the button that says "join class". It pulls up a zoom meeting (you will need Zoom downloaded on your computer), and then the teacher and other students show up and the lesson begins. It takes a couple times to get used to the format of everything but it's second nature to us now! 

best online piano lessons for kids

How to Have Multiple People on One Lessonface Account? 

When I initially created our account it was just under my name. Because Kyle and I were both going to be doing lessons, I live chatted their customer service people from my Lessonface dashboard and they were able to make another section of the dashboard for Kyle specifically so that I'm now able to toggle back and forth between Kyle and myself. 

When I click on Kyle's dashboard this is what it looks like. I can click that blue button that says help to chat with someone who can add more users to my account. In the right hand column under classes I can see all the lessons Kyle is signed up for, and when I click that red switch back button, it will take me to my own personal dashboard. To access your weekly materials, you click on the class in the "classes" section that you'll be attending. 

From there it will take you to that class page. There will be a bolded section that says, "class materials", and a link you can click to download the needed pdfs for the lesson. On the class page is where you'll also click to join the lesson and have Zoom pop up! 

best online piano lessons for kids

How Often Do You Do Piano Practice? 

We make Kyle practice 15 minutes per day after school and on weekends. We have a pretty laid out after school routine where he comes home, does homework, practices piano, does some sort of exercise (kids yoga, plays basketball, etc...), and then he can have screen time until dinner (usually about 30 minutes). He's pretty motivated to chill and watch TV so getting him to practice and do other stuff has never been a huge issue. We have loved our experience with Piano Pass so far! 

If you use this link you can get a $15 credit that can be used to make your first month of Piano Pass FREE! The credit can also be used towards Guitar Pass, or any private one-on-one lesson of your choice! 

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