FREE Valentine Bookmark Printable

 If you have a child who loves all things reading, this FREE Valentine Bookmark Printable will be the perfect card for them to share with classmates this year!

If you've been around for more than two seconds over here, you'll know Kyle is obsessed with books and reading. When most other kids were playing with toys over Christmas break, Kyle had observed that he had 109 books in his bedroom, and was determined to read all of them before he returned back to school in January. 

Valentine Bookmark Printable

With Valentine's right around the corner, I thought it would be so fun and perfect to make a free Valentine bookmark printable to share with all of you, and for Kyle to handout at school. Now admittedly, Kyle found some Minecraft Valentine's that he's really jazzed to give his friends, but he has several teachers this school year, and he's 100% giving these bookmark Valentine's to them at their classroom party. 

Free Valentine Bookmark Printable:

This Valentine bookmark printable is pretty simple to make and cut out. There are two different color formats, a pink and purple template, and a red and blue template. To make these you'll simply print them out on card stock, and then using scissors or a paper cutter, cut along the thick black line to cut them out. 

Valentine Bookmark Printable            Valentine Bookmark Printable

You can then leave the bookmarks as is, or you can do a hole punch at the top and add a ribbon. for a fun extra touch. You could also laminate them for extra durability. 

To download these free Valentine's Day Bookmark Cards, please click the large download link below. 

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Valentine Bookmark Printable

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