4 Picky Eater Tips for Parents

If you're wondering how to feed a picky eater, research says following these simple steps can help your child eat a wider variety of food and gain food confidence.

Like many parents I think we've all questioned at some point or another how to feed a picky eater. Both of my kids don't really love food, and I have to go out of my way to make sure they're getting the nutrients they need into their little bodies. These are my best tips for getting my personal picky eaters to eat more of their food, and get some good vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients into their system so they can feel good and do the things they love!

4 Picky Eater Tips for Parents

Invest in High Quality, but Simple Foods:

My kids like basic foods, so I'm always looking to make sure that the foods I'm giving them are the best options possible, with a wide nutrient profile. When making something simple like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I'm often looking for the all natural peanut butter, organic jam, and an organic bread fortified with vitamins and minerals to boost the quality and nutrition of the food their eating. 

Make Food Fun:

Sometimes it helps to make food fun! If you're trying to get your children to enjoy something simple like a sandwich, try cutting it into a fun shape with a cookie cutter, or better yet, let your child get in on the action and do it themselves! Giving kids autonomy over their food, and letting them be involved in the cooking process can go such a long way in actually getting them to consume their food. It's something that we've done with Kyle and Kinsley for a couple years now and it's helped them to not only be more independent, but to get them to try new things as well. 

4 Picky Eater Tips for Parents

Give Food Choices:

One rule that we have in our house is that our kids have to have a fruit or veggie with that meal. However, I often let them pick between a couple of options. At lunch time I might ask, "Do you want apples or oranges today?" They know they have to eat a fruit, but they're ten times more likely to actually eat it if they get to pick it themselves. I try to give options as much as possible because I think it shows the kids that I value their opinion, respect their tastes, and let them explore what they want to be eating instead of me forcing it onto them. 

Serve Familiar Foods with New Foods:

If I'm trying to get the kids to eat something new like celery and ranch, I'll serve it with something they're familiar with like PBJ, Quesadillas, etc... That way they have something that's tasty, familiar, and nutritious on their plate to eat along side the new food that they're trying. This makes things a little less intimidating for them, and also gives peace of mind that if they don't eat or like the new food, they at least have something familiar on their plate to eat too!

4 Picky Eater Tips for Parents

What are some of your favorite tips for picky eaters? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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