Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

These mason jar Halloween lanterns are a fun and simple DIY to do with kids during the fall season to add some fun and spooky decor to your home.  

Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns:

When Derek and I first got married and had zero money to spend on Halloween decor I got together with a few girl friends to make these easy and simple Halloween mason jars. It was such a fun and easy project to put together and they have been a staple in our Halloween decor ever since. This project is super easy to do with kids for a fall themed family night activity, or get some girlfriends together and do it with them for a craft night! 

Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

Best Candles for Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns:

You can certainly use real candles in these lanterns if you would like. You can also use small tea lights if you want to go for an electric option that can't potentially start a fire. My favorite lights to use are these flickering tea lights that you can purchase on Amazon. 12 lights come in a pack for under $10 and the flickering adds the perfect ambiance for the fall season. 

Supplies Needed:

How to Make Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns:

To make these mason jars you will need to get some small bottle of acrylic craft paint. You can order your paint on Amazon or head to your local craft store. You will also need mason jars of any size. You can purchase mason jars online, in craft stores, grocery stores, or even the dollar store. 

To make these jars you will pour some of the paint on the inside of the jar and then use a small foam paint brush to brush the paint onto all of the sides of the mason jar. If you want a thicker finish you can add a second coat. You don't want it to be super opaque though because these are supposed to look like lanterns and you want to be able to see some of the light coming through.

Finally you can make a face on the outside of the jar. You can either use black paint or a black sharpie to draw a spooky halloween face. You can even use black construction paper to make a face and tape it onto the outside of the jar. 

When the paint is dry you can add a small candle inside to make it glow like a spooky Halloween lantern!

Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

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