How To Teach Kids to Spell (5 Tricks to Try!)

If you're wondering how to teach kids to spell, here are six tips and tricks that we have tried with our own son that have worked well for us over the years. Hopefully some of these will be a win for your family as well. 

How To Teach Kids to Spell

How To Teach Kids to Spell:

Spelling is a skill that all kids will need throughout life and into adulthood. Regardless of what job or career they choose, spelling will be essential, so there is good buy in for the skill because unlike the pythagorean theorem, spelling will be a part of their everyday life. How to reach kids to spell is super individual based on parent bandwidth, and child preferences. Here are six ways that we've worked on spelling in the past, realizing that some of them are way more involved on the parents than some may like, so choose what works best for you.

How To Teach Kids to Spell

Spell the Words in Shaving Cream:

This is an activity that won't do well in our home because I hate messes and my son is not a sensory seeker, but for kids and parents who love messy play, this is a fun way to get younger kids to learn to spell those smaller words when first learning to spell. Simply put shaving cream down on the table, spread it out, and let them spell the words with their fingers. 

Make a Spelling List Word Search:

We did this all the time when Kyle was in second grade and he really loved it. When the teacher sent his spelling list home at the beginning of each week, I would use an online word search generator, add his words to it, and then let him work on it when he got home from school. It was super quick for me to put it together and he really loved doing it.

How To Teach Kids to Spell

Play with Some Food:

Again, this is not something I have the bandwidth for on a regular basis, but letting your child spell the words out with cherrios, or other small food items can be a fun way for them to learn their words, and have a snack at the same time.

Mock Spelling Tests:

Practice having spelling tests at home the night before the actual test. This will be a great way to practice that skill of taking a test. As a side note, this last year when Kyle came home from school, I quizzed him on his words for the week on Monday and only ever made him practice the words he got wrong on Monday throughout the rest of the week. Made studying a lot faster and easier for the both of us.

How To Teach Kids to Spell

Write Words Three Times Each:

After I quiz Kyle on the words for the week on Monday, the words he gets wrong I have him write three times each the rest of the week to study. Then he goes to school, gets a 100 on his spelling test, and it's out of sight out of mind. 

These are all my tips and tricks on how to teach kids to spell. If you have something that works for you family I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. We always had the kids write their words 3 times each word. And then do that each day. It didn't take them much time to do it. And their handwriting was always being practiced. So it was a double win. Didn't do it with my son, as the school changed how they did spelling words. And it is obvious in his handwriting! :)