Are BCAAs Good for Runners? 5 Key Benefits for Training

If you've wondered, "Are BCAAs good for runners?" You'll be happy to know that there are six key benefits to adding these supplements to your diet during your next race training cycle. 

Are BCAAs Good for Runners

Are BCAAs Good For Runners?:

There are five key benefits that BCAAs can have for runners who are training hard to chase down their next PR in any distance from a mile to a marathon. These benefits range from hormonal regulations to muscle growth, and increased energy during your workout. These are all major benefits that most runners want! 

The Best BCAAs for Runners:

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Are BCAAs Good for Runners

Five Benefits of BCAAs for Runners:

BCAAs Support Muscle Growth and Prevent Breakdown:

A key benefit to BCAAs for runners is that the branch chain amino acids help to support muscle growth, and more importantly for runners, can prevent muscle breakdown which can often occur after a long run. Supplementing with BCAAs can help boost protein synthesis, which will lead to improved outcomes after workouts. 

Are BCAAs Good for Runners

BCAAs Can Help You Run Longer:

Studies have shown that BCAAs can help reduce the perceived effort of exhaustion, meaning that runners were able to run at the same effort that they did previously, but were less tired during the same effort without BCAAs. 

Studies have also shown that BCAA consumption can help you burn through glycogen stores at a slower rate, along with decreasing the production of lactic acid. These are two critical components for runners that can help athletes have a boost in performance. 

BCAAs Inhibit Cortisol Production: 

Research has shown that BCAAs can have a decrease in cortisol production which is a stress hormone that can lead to muscle breakdown as a result of intense exercise. Increased cortisol can also lead to increased fat storage in the body which is something that most individuals do not want for their general health. 

BCAAs Reduce Post-Workout Soreness:

Because BCAAs work to prevent the breakdown of muscle and increase the production of protein synthesis in the body, BCAAs can help you feel better after a hard workout, and research has shown that there is evidence to prove that BCAAs prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. 

BCAAs Can Provide Energy for Runs:

Most amino acids are metabolized in the liver, but BCAAs are transported directly to the muscles giving them about 10% of the fuel they need to make it through a workout. This means that your body can tap into the energy provided by the BCAAs before dipping into the body's glucose stores, which can delay "bonking" or running out of fuel during your run. 

Are BCAAs Good for Runners

When Should Runners Take BCAAs?

There are benefits to taking BCAAs both before and after a run. The benefits of taking it before a run are that you're giving your muscles readily available energy to use during the run before dipping into your body's glucose stores.

Taking BCAAs after a run can help you to improve protein synthesis, and give you all the post-workout muscle recovery benefits associated with BCAAs.

If you're already eating other food before a run, the energy benefits might not be as important for you, and taking the BCAAs post-run might make more sense.

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Are BCAAs Good for Runners

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