The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

If you're looking for the easiest baby blanket to sew, this flannel swaddle blanket was my favorite go-to blanket when my own kids were babies, and it's my favorite blanket to gift a friend when they're expecting too. 

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

The Easiest Baby Blanket to Sew:

This blanket is super easy to put together because you basically just sew two yards of fabric together using straight lines. If you can sew a straight line, and follow the guides on your sewing machine well, that is basically all the skill you need to be able to make these blankets. This is a very beginner friendly tutorial, and one that I hope serves you well for all your baby blanket sewing needs. 

What Makes this Baby Blanket Tutorial So Easy:

The best parts of this tutorial are that there is no cutting involved for the most part, except trimming edges if you wish once the blanket is pinned.

You don't need a rotary cutter. 

You don't need a sewing mat.

There is no complicated finishing binding. 

You don't need any fancy equipment for your sewing machine. 

This is literally the first thing I learned how to sew and it is such an easy starter project. I really cannot stress this enough.

Beginner Friendly Sewing Machine:

I love Brother brand sewing machines and am very partial to them. I've tried a Singer, and a few other brands that all have failed me over the years. Once I finally purchased my Brother machine sewing was significantly easier and there was a lot less heartache. 

My exact machine isn't available for purchase anymore, but if I was buying a new machine I would hands down purchase this Brother sewing machine. It's well priced, does all the functions you need, and has great reviews on Amazon. It checks all the boxes a beginner would need from a trusted brand. 

Baby Blanket Sewing Supplies:

Easiest Baby Blanket Sewing Instructions:

Line up fabrics, right sides together and trim off any excess fabric hanging off any of the sides and pin together.

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

Using a 2in seam allowance, straight stitch your way around the blanket.

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

Be sure to leave an opening about 6in wide, back stitching before and after the opening to prevent unraveling. You will use this hole to turn the blanket inside out, so the right sides are on the outside.

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

Turn the blanket inside out once you're done straight stitching around the inside. Make sure to pull your corners out all they way so they look nice and neat!

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

Using an iron on low heat, press the seams together.

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew

Using a 5/8in seam allowance, choose a decorative stitch, and stitch your way all around the top of the blanket. Make sure that the hole from where you turned it inside out gets sealed.

The EASIEST Baby Blanket to Sew
And then you're done! Let me know if you have any questions!

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