The Powder Bathroom| How to Make Industrial Floating Shelves

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industrial floating shelves

We've been making a lot of solid progress in our house over the last few months. I never would have thought when we moved in June that we would have four rooms completely done by now, but here we are. I should elaborate that when I say, "completely done" I mostly mean paint and decor, because I would love for lots of new big ticket items, but that's not exactly in the budget right now. I really have loved doing small projects in each room though that really seem to make a big difference. 

Our house has two and a half bathrooms. One bathroom that Jay and Em use near their bedrooms, our master bathroom, and then this small powder room downstairs off of our school room. This is easily the least used bathroom in the house because it's down eight stairs, and tucked away into another room. When guests come over, they usually use Jay and Em's bathroom because they only have to go up five stairs to get there, and it's just a lot more accessible. 

We've actually thought about just ripping this bathroom out, and turning it into a closet so that our school room could be considered a fourth bedroom in our house (which either way, if we have another baby, it will be the fourth bedroom), but then we'd have to pay taxes on the square footage in the downstairs of our house, and right now we don't and the county basically recognizes this space, the school room, and laundry room as non-existent, so it's in the better interest of our wallet to leave it as is. 

The previous owners of the house had already refinished the vanity, and changed the lighting in this room, so the only things Derek and I had to do were add a toilet paper holder, a towel ring, and some shelves, and it came together really fast. 

Since this bathroom doesn't get a lot of traffic, it really doesn't need to be cleaned that often. I love that I can leave Scotch-Brite's New Disposable Toilet Scrubber and Refills that I bought at Target downstairs in the bathroom, and then head down five minutes before guest arrive to give it a quick clean. I love that you can just put a new sponge head onto the wand (that's also angled nicely so you can get that hard to reach area under the rim), and that all the cleaning product you need is on there. Once you're done cleaning, you just push a button, the wand releases the sponge, and throw it away. The less I actually have to touch my toilet when cleaning, the better. 

My favorite thing about this bathroom, aside from the ease of cleaning, would definitely be these new shelves. I've seen these floating around on pinterest and knew they would be a perfect addition to that bare spot above our toilet. The only prep work that needed to be done ahead of time was spray painting the fixtures and staining the wood, and letting them dry overnight, and then the next morning everything was set to be hung!

Makes One Shelf
2in x 10in x 8ft cut to size 
Wood Stain of Choice
Wall Anchors

Go to your hardware store and collect all the supplies. If you don't have a saw at home, make sure that you have the people at the hardware store cut your wood for you. Our shelves are each 2ft long, but yours will be whatever you decide is appropriate for your space. 

Using an old rag, dip the rag into the stain, and then rub it into your wood on all sides. You'll want to make sure you get the bottoms and sides of the boards since you'll be able to see the bottoms once they're installed. 

Once your boards are stained, you can then spray paint your metal fixtures. I stood the pipes up on their end so that I could easily spray all around them, and then sprayed the flanges and caps as well. 

Once everything is dry, screw one end of the pipe into the flange, and then screw the cap onto the other end of the flange. 

When you have everything painted, and the pipes screwed together, decide where everything will go into the walls by measuring where you want everything, and then

holding the flange part of the pipe onto the wall, mark with a pencil where the four holes are, and then with your drill, drill each of the holes.Then hammer a wall anchor into each hole. Secure the flange into the wall with the screws that come with your wall anchors, repeat on the other side, and then simply place your board on-top of the two pipes. 

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