Easter, Part 1

So I'm obsessed with holidays, I love them all! So clearly since it's Easter time I clearly had to go all out once again. Yes, I do know that Easter is a time to remember the Savior and his death, and sacrifice that he made for each and everyone of us, but I do like an excuse to do something nice for those that I love as well! So this week I've been a busy bee making all sorts of treats and getting things ready for when we go to Idaho this weekend! And can you believe Derek has never once had an Easter basket in all of his 23 years of life? Don't worry I changed that this year for him!

So I started off the week by making yummy Easter treats for all the other RA couples and for Derek and I. Click the links to get the recipes from my food blog!

So I decided to give Derek his basket tonight since we're going to Idaho for Easter and his family doesn't do baskets, but mine always did, so I didn't want to make an awkward moment, so we had our Easter fun a little early.
 This is Derek getting his very first Easter basket! He probably would have been more ecstatic if I wasn't interrupting his timed math test! 
So what does someone get in their very first Easter basket? All the traditional things of course! A chocolate Easter bunny, 2 Reese's eggs, 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs, some peeps, a red cream soda, a card, and of course, Mike and Ike jelly beans to represent Derek's love for Mike and Ike's!
 These are the treats that I made for all the nieces and nephews for when we go to Idaho this weekend... well at least for the ones that have teeth and can chew! Starburst Jelly Beans! What could be better?
 This little (GIANT) number would be the Easter care package that we got from the Dennis' today. They're kind of the best. I love them. Pears, cheese, nuts, mustard, relish, turkey, cheese cake, english muffins, and chocolate truffles! Yum, Yum, Yum!
Holly and I had been struggling to make wreaths since before Halloween, and today we finally mastered it! I was so proud!

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