Easter Part 2 (Idaho!)

Easter weekend was super fun, we went to Idaho and got to spend lots of time with our family which is always super fun. Minus when I have a super preggo moment and start crying when my 3 year old nephew got mad at me and said I wasn't pretty. Don't worry Derek made him say sorry and give me a hug, and I was tired and cranky, so I probably over reacted right? Yeah, probably. 
 We spent a lot of time outside in the nice weather playing basketball in the funeral home parking lot, because that's what all the cool kids do in St. Anthony, clearly their ballers. 
 We spent a lot of time giving hugs and getting to know this little baby a little more! Maelyn is super cute, and doesn't cry a lot, hopefully Jay can learn from his older cousin on how to be a good baby. 
 Saturday after dinner we got all the nieces and nephews together and had an Easter egg hunt. Which turned a little violent when Brynlee knocked Tayson into the concrete stairs and he wound up getting a huge bump on his head! That poor kids head, it's been through a lot in 3 years. But hey, Brynlee did make bank in the scavenger hunt!
 Sunday night Derek decided to be cute and help his sister Maurcine do the dishes! Isn't he so nice?
Monday we decided to go shooting with Derek's friends from high school, which wound up turning into a huge fiasco. The place where we were going to go was closed for some reason, so we had to go to another place, which was apparently an animal dumping ground, because we found skeletons of dead animals all over the place. Along with a recently killed pig that had just been dumped there and there was a bunch of dead flys eating at it. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture, hopefully my mind will delete that mental image in a few years.

But all in all Idaho was super fun and we got to do a lot of stuff. Idaho is pretty much the best, I didn't think it was possible to like a small town more than the amount in which I love Lake Placid, but St. Anthony is definitely giving LP a run for it's money. Maybe is St. Anthony host 2 Olympics I'll be officially, fully converted. 

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  1. Had you a good day? Was it a fanny day? This is so important!