Pineapple Barbecue Bacon Burgers

Last weekend when we went to Idaho Derek's mom gave us a bunch of hamburger meat to take home, and I froze most of it right away when we got home, but I left some in the fridge and kept forgetting to cook it all week, so tonight knowing that it probably didn't have a long shelf life left, I  decided to make some awesome burgers for Derek and I for dinner. At the end of the meal Derek picked up his plate and headed over to the sink while saying "Dee-licious", aka, I got like 7 wife points for tonight dinner!
Click here for my hamburger bun recipe!

Recipe By: Me!
1/3 lb of ground beef (you can use more, I was just only making two burgers)
Barbecue Sauce
Montreal Stake Seasoning (I am French Canadian after all!)
Pineapple (sliced)
Hamburger Buns (I used my recipe from here)

If you are going to be making your own buns, be sure to start those about 3 hours before you plan on eating to make sure they are done on time. Otherwise, skip this step.

Form burgers into patties and season with Montreal Stake Seasoning.

Cook on grill or frying pan until you get your desired well-done, medium, or however you want to eat it!

Grill the pineapple for about 30 seconds on each side. 

Cook the bacon in the microwave between 2 paper towels on microwave-safe plate for 1:30/slice of bacon

Then assemble your burgers: Bottom bun, burger, pineapple, bacon, barbecue sauce, top bun!

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