My Baby Shower!

Yesterday was my baby shower! Wow! I can't believe that it's been 7 months already! I guess the first month and a half I didn't even know, but still, crazy! I'm super grateful for all of the hard work that Holly put into the shower to make it happen and I'm also grateful for all my friends who cam to make it such an awesome day and for all the wonderful gifts that they brought for baby Jay! Jay is definitely going to be one clean and  spiffy looking baby! My friend April even got him a little suit for church! It's SO cute! I can't wait until he's in 6 month size clothing so he can fit in it!

 These would be the baby shower favors that we forgot to hand out :(
 The super cute cupcakes that Holly made.
 The whole table spread!
 Mason jar drinking glasses for the cucumber lemon water or, my personal favorite, the blueberry lime-aid!
 Everyone all together at the end of the baby shower, From left to right, April, Lori, Holly, Me, Jessica, Eva,  Jaye, and April!
 All the onsies we made!
 This was so funny! So when I got home I was super excited to show Derek everything so when I got done showing him everything I asked him if he could put the bed together right away, and he did just because I was so excited, but he put it together in the living room and then it wouldn't fit through the door to get into the bedroom! Nathan and I were laughing so hard! 
 But then he just took the bassinet part out and pulled the tab to make it collapse a little bit and it slipped right through the door!
 Then we (I) got it all set up right by the window, whch may or may not be where we're going to permanently keep it, were not 100% sure yet. 
& this is a closeup of me and the bump on the day of my baby shower! I'm currently 25lbs more than I was 32 weeks ago, and somehow still fit in my jeans from before I was pregnant, (I'm pretty sure they've stretched out a lot though over the last 7 months), and so far my "cankels" aren't any bigger than they were before I was preggo! So far so good!

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  1. Paige, you look so cute! I absolutely love that dress you're wearing, and the rain cloud theme of your shower was super cute. Holly did a great job! Congratulations to you and Derek.