My Wisdom Tooth Story.

This last week I got my wisdom teeth out and it was an adventure! I got all 4 out and was completely sedated. My fist time ever being put to sleep for anything! I don't remember a thing until I was home and had napped for a few hours! Here are some pictures that I don't remember being taking...

And here are some pictures of my lovely visit with the Dennis' that I do remember being taken. 

Overall I have to say that getting my wisdom teeth out didn't feel too bad. The next day everyone was asking me how I felt and the only thing I kept saying was that my throat was hurting and not my teeth. Friday night everyone went out to dinner and left me to rest and when they got home I was hot, sweaty, head pounding, throat still killing, and I had a fever of 102.7, apparently this wasn't wisdom tooth related and so I got some antibiotics and was feeling better and wolfed down some five guys by the next afternoon. The perks of staying with a doctor right?


  1. Love the sedated pics! Good job getting it done. I wish I could've been there to help yank those suckers out! Wisdom teeth were always my favorite and I definitely miss that and any bloody surgery of the mouth really! Haha gross I know. But for some reason I loved it. Glad you had a good Dentist and things went well! Love ya!

  2. You wolfed down five guys? @_@

    They should set up cameras on dental clinics, just to capture those sedation shots of various clients. Makes for awesome holiday cards to send to regular clients.

    Kidding aside, glad you got them off quickly and painlessly! The fever must’ve been a concern, but it’s good that it wasn’t connected to the wisdom tooth.

    Latarsha Ghoston