Saladelia Cafe

Derek and I love going out to eat! Whenever we have a family date night it is usually to go and eat somewhere. It's a good thing we're living in Durham then! They got voted the number one foodie town in the south! Or something like that since I was only half listening to the story on the news when it was playing. I've set up some new rules for date night though so that we don't fall into a habit of picking the same things! We are no longer having date nights at chain places (unless we have a gift card then who cares), but we really want to start trying all the new local places.

When we go to pick where we will eat we usually just go to yelp and then search for the best food, at the lowest price, with a 5 mile radius from our house, and we haven't been steered wrong so far! Tonight we went to a little gem called Saladelia Cafe. Derek and I for whatever reason are naturally drawn to places that have Panera like food. As in... soup, salad, and dessert! Tonight we each got a sandwich with a side of their homemade chips and their chocolate chocolate cake was amazing! I'm so full right now I literally can't move. Like, more full then when we have Thanksgiving dinner at a Vegas buffet a couple years ago!

 Handsome Jay 
 Handsome Hubby
 Turkey Ruben Sandwich
 Turkey Swiss Sandwich

 Jay and daddy 
 Derek wants Jay to drink from a straw so bad!
 Heavenly Cake!
Self timer family shot... cause we can :)

Jay also loved eating our pickles and turkey! What a funny guy!

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