Cinnamon Swirl Bread

I know you all are probably wondering what is meriting the occasion for a recipe post. With Derek working nights I feel like the amount of cooking done around here has decreased ten fold. I've literally eaten a Lean Cuisine TV dinner every week night for the last 12 week nights. Don't judge me. Jay finds them delicious too.

Last night was Derek's last 3pm-12am shift and so I wanted to celebrate this glorious occasion by making sure he had an amazing breakfast to eat when he woke up this morning. Last night when I was cleaning up I thought that it would be delicious to make some cinnamon swirl bread and then turn it into french toast in the morning.

My senior year of high school I lived with my friend Anthony's family. His dad was the manager of the restaurant we both worked at, The Log Jam. The Log Jam always had the most amazing cinnamon raisin bread on the salad bar and on special occasions Anthony's dad would snatch a loaf to bring home to make french toast with in the morning.

This recipe was completely inspired by those delicious, glorious, special breakfasts. However, I had to omit the raisins in this bread since Derek isn't down with that. Sometimes I wonder how we're married. My husband hates literally one of my favorite foods! Raisins! YUM!

This recipe is a Pioneer Woman original (we have her cookbook and think she's grand!), you can find the recipe here. It's way too long for me to have any desire to type it up and put it on this blog, so you can just hop on over there and check it out for yourself.

This bread takes about 5-5 1/2 hours from start to finish. Last night I didn't start it until 8pm, and then when Derek got out of work he stopped and got a Redbox for us to watch so that he would stay up with me while I waited for my bread to finish. Best husband ever, yes, I know. He spoils me, even when I'm trying to spoil him!

Welp, now that this post is almost as long as making this bread, I'll end with some yummy pictures!

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