Jay's First Fourth, pt 1.

Originally for the 4th of July Derek was going to work 7-4 and then we were going to drive to the ocean to see the fireworks that night when he got off. Instead, he tricked me and when we woke up yesterday morning he told me he actually had Thursday and Friday off and that he was getting holiday pay for it! So we spent the next hour running around the house, getting bags and the car packed, doing a quick search for a hotel by searching Wilmington, NC and then sorting price from low to high and picking the first one we found (not the most luxurious method to do this, but we got a room and left without diseases so that's all that counts right?), we then made an appearance at the ward activity and then hit the road to spend the day at Wrightsville Beach.

We got there at 2, it then took us another hour to find a parking spot, and then we spent about 2 hours just playing in the ocean and splashing in the waves! It was so incredibly fun! As far as trips to the ocean previously, I had only been to Conney Island once in NY for about an hour, and Derek and I drove to the coast in Oregon 2 summers ago when we drove up there for Josh and Holly's wedding, but we only stayed long enough to get a picture in the ocean to say we did it because it was so cold! The ocean yesterday was warm, and splashing in the waves was so much fun! We definitely can't wait for our trip to the Outer Banks at the end of the month!

I wish I had gotten pictures of us playing in the water, but there were so many people and I was nervous about my camera getting wet or broken, so this is sadly all we really have. It took Jay a while to warm up to it just because the waves crashing into the shore were loud and he is so sensitive to noises. We basically went into the water up to our knees and then the waves would come and splash up to our waist, and sometimes shoulders. Jay hung on tight to dad because mom just got taken out by practically every wave that came. I think I'm going to wear some ankle weights when we go to the Outer Banks to anchor me in the water a little better! Kidding, but seriously. 

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