Monday in the Outer Banks

Today was a very awesome day for us. Our second anniversary! I can't believe I've spent the last two years married to my very best friend. It was rainy today in the Outer Banks so we tried to have fun in spite of the bad weather. This mainly meant that we pigged out on lots of great food while still trying to do some activities too.

Our first stop for the day was driving 9 miles away to Duck, NC, so we could get yummy donuts at Duck Donuts. For anyone who knows Derek and I, we love donuts, and these beauties did not disappoint. Their donuts are made to order so you get a plain cake donut and then you chose your type of icing and your type of frosting. We got 1 plain glaze, 3 chocolate frosted with chocolate sprinkles, 1 strawberry frosted with rainbow sprinkles, and 1 glaze with toasted coconut. We ate all 6 within an hour and weren't even embarrassed.

Our next stop for the day was to the aquarium in Roanoke Island that we missed out on Saturday. It didn't disappoint. We got to see awesome sharks, pet sting rays (they're slimy!), and see many other creatures! Jay loved the snakes... I think I can anticipate him bringing one home some day in elementary school... eek! 

When we left the aquarium it was pouring. Since we were already in Roanoke I wanted to get a picture of the Manteo lighthouse. Derek didn't want to get out of the car so I just got out with a beach towel over me, sprinted to the lighthouse, snapped the picture and ran back. 

We then made our way back to the house and took naps until Jay woke up at 3 and then we hung out until we went out to eat at the Bad Bean Baja Grill. We stuffed out faces... Derek with an 18in burrito and me with a normal sized shrimp one. Delicious. 

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