Ran a 5k! - The Happy Flammily

On Saturday, Derek, Jay, and I all woke up at 6AM to get ready and go to my 5k that I had been signed up for. All the training and everything had led up to this day and I was so nervous! We got to the race, and when they announced it was 5 minutes till the start Derek shooed me away and told me to go over to the line. My heart was pounding, and when the gun went off I started running, and then a minute into the race I started crying because of how nervous I was. You would think after high school track I wouldn't get so worked up about stuff like this, but I did. Luckily I only cried for like 30 seconds, and I wasn't sobbing, more just whimpering. Do we all think I'm pathetic yet? My only real goal was to finish the race in under 30 minutes, not cramp up, and don't walk. I failed at all three of those. I had ran the entire way, and then at around 2.5 miles I got a killer cramp and was pretty much gripping onto my stomach as tight as I could while still running. I got to the three mile mark and the pain was so  bad I had to walk for a minute to try to get it to go away. Then I saw the finish line and just started running so I could be done. When I finished I started dry heaving by the finish line, but since I was smart (and by smart I mean dumb) and didn't drink or eat anything before the race nothing came out, so I looked like a spaz, and got a time of 35 minutes. My worse time ever! Luckily there is always room for improvement. I'm glad I ran it, I'm glad the money went to a great cause, I'm glad that Derek and Jay were there to cheer me on, and I'm just mainly glad I didn't die! 

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  1. Congrats girl! There is no way I would be able to do this! :)
    xo TJ