So many of you have asked (and yes I literally mean more than one person...), and so I finally did a video on how I score all my awesome couponing deals to show you how it's done! If you have any more questions feel free to message me, email me (, or leave a question in the comment section and I'll try to answer it for you.

Southern Savers (for southern state couponers Harris Teeter, Kroger, Food Lion, Walmart, Target)
The Stock Up Price List
Macey's Provo Shoppers
Smith's Utah Shoppers
Price Chopper NY Shoppers (Looks like Price Chopper lets you make money off deals, and they look like they have lots of good deals, consider me real jealous of all of you)
Hannaford NY Shoppers

If you don't see your store you can probably google for example, "price chopper NY coupon matchups" obviously put in your store and state, and then a few blog should show up for you that do all the dirty work for you!

Also not stated in the video, printable coupons can print twice per computer. So click the link, print it once, and then close the window where the coupon came from, and then click the same link again and print the coupon again. We have three laptops at our house which means I get 6 of every printable coupon. Don't judge, that probably just made me sound like a crazy person.

Also, office supply stores also have great coupon deals! We score free packs of printer paper all the time using in store rebates and everything so definitely check those out too!

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  1. Also, try printing coupons from different internet browsers!