A Day Around Town

I feel like it's been along time since I've blogged about something that has actually been noteworthy in our lives. Yesterday night Evan and Fernanda got here and we were able to spend the entire day today hanging out with them! We're so glad they decided to stay with us on their way to NY, where they will be going to school to finish Evan's degree at the CIA! 

We spent the morning walking around downtown Chapel Hill since that is one of our favorite things to do! I love downtown Chapel Hill so much because the downtown area is so reminiscent of Saratoga Springs! After our long walk we headed over to downtown Durham where we all experienced fried chicken and waffles for our first time! We all approved, including Jay. 

After lunch we headed home for Jay to get a nap while we all relaxed and watched WWZ together. The rest of the night was spent getting froyo and playing Settlers of Catan, (an obligatory ritual when we all get together!) 

I'm so excited for Evan and Fernanda to have this new adventure in NY together and that we were able to see them for about 36 hours! We're grateful for such great friends!


  1. It seems like you've had a nice walk. It's always so nice and relaxing to spend some valuable time with your closest people :)


  2. Aw, love these. You are so cute!! Love you blog, girl!