Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Christmas is so fun with a toddler but sometimes I still feel like I want to hold back a little and not go crazy with all the wonderful traditions of Christmas. The main one being all of the candy and chocolate. I'm still pretty conscious about the things that go into Jay's body and I can literally count on one hand all of the times he's eaten sweets, so it's not too often. Because I know there will be so many desserts and goodies while in Idaho for Christmas, I wanted his stocking to be fun but still a little on the reserved side as far as sugar was concerned.

These stockings are from the Dollar Tree and are perfect for a growing family! Everyone wants their stockings to match but you don't want to invest in the really nice ones when you don't know how many kids you're going to have yet and everything. These ones even come with iron on letters so you can personalize them for each family member. 

A $3 shirt from the kid section in Walmart is a great pick since you know it's something they're going to get use out of and it's big enough that it helps to fill quite a bit of space in the stocking.

In Derek's family, everyone gets a small box of cereal in their stocking. This is a nice way to give into something a little sweet, without having to give into chocolate or candy. 

All toddlers love goldfish right? I don't think anything else really needs to be said for that. 

A fun snack container will be sure to double purpose as a toy on Christmas day. I remember always wanting cool containers like these when I was growing up but I guess I wasn't cool enough. Luckily, this was less than $2 at Walmart so I saved Jay from lunchtime humiliation later down the road. 

Jay loves eating pouches like this and they count as a serving of fruit and vegetables. They're healthy and sweet, and easily fit in a stocking!

The Dollar Tree has tons of Christmas board books this time of year. This one is from last year which is why it's pretty beat up, but it serves it's purpose of giving you ideas. 

And finally, Jay has yet to have an animal cracker, and when I saw this at the store this morning I knew it had to become part of his stocking!

What are you planning on putting in your toddler's stocking this year? 

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  1. We also did a book. I also got I-Man a slinky from the dollar section at Target, and want to get him some chalk or crayons. I'm sure for older kids you could do stickers or some sort of coloring book or activity book.