Hello 2014!

I can't believe 2013 is over already! Our lives have changed so much in the last year, it's really crazy just thinking about it. We moved across the country from Utah to North Carolina. Derek started job working at the corporate office for Netapp as a Logistics Support Specialist. I graduated with my A.S. Degree from BYU-Idaho and got accepted into the Health Science program to finish my Bachelor's for an estimated graduation of December 2015. Jay has grown from baby to toddler and has learned so much.

2014 I know is going to bring just as many changes for our family. Derek will be graduating in December leaving us at the brink of another cross country to move to some job unknown to us right now. I'm so proud of how hard Derek has worked for our family. Working 40+ hours a week, and taking 15 credits a semester is no easy task, but he manages to do it and still have time for Jay and I as well.

As Derek and I talked about what we hoped to improve on in 2014 there were only a few things that we really wanted to improve on. We figure it's best to set a few manageable goals for ourselves than to over extend ourselves and get mad about not reaching goals later down the road.

This year we hope to:

  1.  Make and keep a family budget. We've tried this so many times and we always falter. But this time we have repercussions that are set in place to not sticking to it, and we've set up ways on how we actually plan on sticking to it, so I think we might be able to pull it off. (I'll post more on this later) 
  2. Never go to bed a single night without family scripture study and prayer. We've been bad the past year about including Jay in on this simply because he was so young and hard to wrangle, but we figure he has to learn sometime, and the example starts with us. 
  3. Unplug. Since the two of us are doing school online, and we live in a time where media is all around us, we decided to unplug from 5pm to bedtime every night from our cell phones. As soon as Derek gets home from work, they're going into the bedroom, and not to be seen again until we go to bed. 
  4. And my final goal is to have 5 blog posts a week, every week. Let's see how long I last!
And because I know you're all waiting to see our Christmas and New Years pictures, enjoy! Pardon me looking like a hot mess in the last picture, it was midnight after all. 

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