Valentine's Day Books to Read with Your Smallest Valentine

Every year growing up I remember my mom putting the seasonally appropriate children's books out on the table in the room that my brother and I played in most often. We had a great collection of books for every holiday, and this is something that I really hope to continue for my family.

Each season so far since Jay has been born we've gotten a few holiday appropriate books to read to him each day for a couple weeks leading up to said holiday. We read to him for about 40-60 minutes each day (attempt to promote language development, it's not working though...), so having new books to switch out every couples weeks really helps to keep things interesting for Derek and I. 

1) Happy Valientine's Day, Mouse: Part of our favorite series "If you give a (moose a muffin, pig a pancake etc..)", this board book is a quick read but features guest appearances from all your favorite animals in the series. If anyone know's me then you can imagine I beamed with delight when my favorite moose made a guest appearance on page 6!

2) Clifford's Valentine's Day: growing up we had Clifford, Arthur, and Charlie Brown books for every holiday, so I couldn't resist not doing the same!

3) The Night Before Valentine's Day: If you have not read any of "The Night Before..." series by Natasha Wing, you need to. Our first one we got was The Night Before Father's Day, and now this one. They are so fun, and we'll definitely be getting the rest of the set as the holiday's move forward. 

4) The Biggest Valentine Ever: This book was a fun read because while it was Valentine's Day themed, I liked that it also involved other important themes for a young reader such as working out your problems together with friends. Who doesn't love a book that teaches moral and values in a fun holiday theme? 

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