At Home Preschool

So know how when I get really excited about something, it's all I talk about for a long time? Like couponing? Remember that obsession from last year? Well the new obsession in my life is this new at home preschool curriculum that I found online two nights ago. 

My friend Janssen is super proactive about doing preschool with her girls, and reading to them, and just being really hands on. It's a quality I really admire, and am hoping to grow into myself as I navigate this world of motherhood. When I read about her pre-k plan for her daughter this fall, it made me want to start the hunt for a preschool curriculum that could be geared down and adaptable to Jay. 

I came across this Letter of the Week program and am SUPER impressed! This site has programs for every age, 0-8. I'm going to be working through the "Preparatory" curriculum with Jay this school year... probably officially starting next week. 

For Jay's age/level, you target one animal, color or shape, letter, number, and vocab word each week. They have each week planned out with detailed instructions, links to online printables when needed, suggestions of books to take out from the library, and so much more. All the work is seriously done for you!

Yesterday I sat down with Jay just to work on one random day's assignment- the letter A, and he was totally saying the letter "a" by the end, and we've been talking about it all day. I love that the lessons are probably only about 20-30 minutes per day, and then you reinforce everything throughout the entire week using the learning board that you leave setup for them to see. 

Clearly this is my first time around the block with children though... So what preschool programs do you like? What have you found that works/doesn't work? I'd love any input!


  1. That's such a great idea!!! That program sounds perfect :)


  2. You are awesome! Look at you go (and thanks for making me sound way more impressive than I am).

  3. Paige,

    I've never heard of a pre-school curriculum.
    I think that an amazing idea!!

  4. This program sounds AWESOME. I'm definitely going to have to check this out for the future!