Our Third Anniversary

Today is our third anniversary! There aren't really words that can eloquently do justice to how much I love Derek and how much he truly is my best friend. These three years have definitely not been the easiest, especially the last four months with this pregnancy, but there is no one else that I would rather have by my side through it all than him. I know we're going to have a long road ahead of us over the next few months, but it's because of Derek that I know we'll be able to get through it all. He's seriously my rock. He pushes my buttons, teaches me patience, does things his way instead of mine on purpose to teach me that there is more than one right way to do something... He's the best daddy ever to Jay, and I know he's going to be a great daddy to our new little girl too! 


  1. Congrats! The jumping picture is my favorite!

  2. Happy anniversary! Hope you guys get a chance to celebrate together.

  3. You loo beautiful in these pictures, and I'm glad you can be so honest about the struggles of the past few years. Here's to many more happy years and anniversaries.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  4. Love your wedding pictures!!!


  5. Love this!! Your wedding dress was gorgeous! Happy anniversary and wishing you and the hubby many happy years to come xx