Dinner and a Movie with Pop-Secret

I'm a big advocate for doing house dates with your spouse. Especially now that we have an almost 2 year old, and another bun cooking in the oven... Not only do I not have the energy to go out on big elaborate dates all the time, but I'm also not complaining about the money we save on babysitters as well.

My favorite at home date is dinner (usually take out), and a movie. This traditional and easy at home date lets you have the best of both worlds- conversation and dinner with your spouse, and then cuddling while watching a movie on your couch. What could be better?!

This last weekend Derek and I splurged and ordered Chinese take out from our favorite little hole in the wall over in Durham, and we also got some Pop-Secret Popcorn to munch on during the movie. It was a perfect and simple date while our toddler was in the next room napping, unaware of the party going on outside his door.

We used the new Pop-Secret Perfect Pop App while making our popcorn, and it was seriously the most fun I've ever had popping popcorn! You start the app and then it uses the microphone on your phone to listen to the popcorn popping, and then tells you the exact moment when your popcorn is ready to be eaten! No more burning popcorn! Huzzah!

Pop-Secret also wants to know what brands of popcorn you mostly shop for! Click here to take a quick one question survey to help them out!

Compensation for this post was provided by Pop-Secret via Linqia. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that sponsor this blog. 

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  1. That app sounds like a lot of fun! I love at home date nights :)