I'm 23! - The Happy Flammily

Friday was a great day spent at home celebrating my birthday! It's hard to believe I'm 23, married, and have two amazing little kids but I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way! In true Derek fashion I got spoiled once again! Derek and I are huge Settlers of Catan junkies thanks to his old roommate and his wife. Whenever we get together with them, we always make them bring their game so we can play! We'd been talking about getting our own game for a couple years now, and then when Amazon had it on sale last week, with the Cities and Knights expansion pack, Derek and his sister teamed up and pulled the plug. This was also the first time I didn't ruin one of Derek's surprises by not finding out what I got ahead of time, and to tell you the truth, there actually is joy in not knowing your presents ahead of time! Who would have thought?


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have another wonderful year!

  2. That cake looks delicious! My family also loves Settlers--so fun that you finally got it!