Potty Training with Jay

Compensation for this post was provided by Huggies Pull-Ups. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and pee stained carpets are my own. 

We are in the very beginning stages of potty training over here, which means I've spent the last few months gathering the best tips and tricks from all my mommy friends who have been down this road before. We tried potty training Jay months ago, but he wasn't really showing signs of being ready, so we put it off a while longer. Here is a list of things that we've begun implementing with Jay that we've gathered from those well seasoned mothers, along with some great tips from the Big Kid Academy!

The Big Kid Academy is a website designed by Huggies to help kids, and parents a long the potty training journey. They have a quiz you can take to see if your child is ready to enter the world of potty training (luckily for us Jay is!) You can even use their fun app that sets a timer for when you should try putting your child on the potty, and it even has 40 mini games on it that your child can play as a reward for going on the potty. Luckily, Jay is easily motivated to do almost anything if a phone is involved. 

Other things that we've been doing to help the process along is reading stories to Jay  about the potty. Lately he has been obsessed with a book called, The Prince and the Potty. We read it everyday for about a week before bed and nap time to get him used to the idea of the potty, and since then we've had a lot of success with getting him to actually sit on the potty for longer than 10 seconds. 

Another tactic I'm not ashamed of is bribery. Derek and I have no shame with giving Jay a couple fruit snacks as a reward for making even the smallest drop of anything land in his special froggy potty. Afterwards, we're always sure to celebrate with the potty dance. When all else fails though, at least we have Huggies Pull-Ups to catch the accidents that happen in between trips to the bathroom. And when they have awesome Jake and the Neverland Pirates on them, Jay is 10 times more willing to wear them than a normal diaper. 

To become a member of the Big Kid Academy, you can sign up by clicking the link below. Thanks for reading and supporting the brands that sponsor this blog. 

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