DIY Monogrammed Flower Wall Hanging

Em's nursery is finally done! I'll be showing the full reveal over here next week, or the week after sometime, but for right now, I'm going to show you guys this super easy craft I did this last weekend. Em's room was pretty cute without this, but I definitely felt like we needed something to fill the big empty space above the changing table and this wound up being just the right size. Also, I really thought that I was going to be that mom that didn't force all the pink things on her daughter, but there is really 100% no mistaking that a girl lives in this bedroom. I went a little cray on all things pink and flowers. I'm not even mad about it one bit either!

1 Wooden Letter
1 Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Fake Flowers
1 Large Picture Frame
Double Sided Command Tape (for hanging)

1. Start by removing all of the flowers from the long stems. They should slide off fairly easily, and I bought mine at Michael's for 75 cents each. Buy about two bouquets of big sized flowers, and two of smaller sized flowers.

2. Cut the leftover stem on the flower as close to the base as you can to help the flower glue down flat onto the wooden letter.

3. Put a glob of glue down onto the wooden letter and press the flower down into it. This picture was taken before I got the idea to cut the stems down. This worked too, but cutting them down provides a much better effect.

4.Use the Bigger flowers first on the majority of the letter, and then go back and fill in all the bare spots with the smaller flowers.

5. When you think you're done, take a step back to make sure there are no more bald spots, and then adjust and fill in spots as needed. 

6. You're done with your work, now admire your handiwork for just a minute. 

7. Take the glass and backing off of your frame so that you have nothing but the frame, Using a small nail, hang it on the wall where you would like. Using a command strip place one side on the back of the letter, and then press the letter with the other sticky side of the command hook exposed into the center of the frame onto the wall. 


  1. I love this!! So cute and easy. I just love your little man checking it out too!!! :-). Happy Thursday sweet lady!!!

  2. Very pretty touch!! A cute DIY project, indeed!

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  3. I love the way it turned out!