6 Mother's Day Ideas for the Out of Town Mom

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Can you guys believe that Mother's Day is right around the corner? The fact that we're already talking about things happening in May blows my mind. This year needs to slow down! Seeing as how Derek and I live in Georgia, and our moms are in  Idaho and New York, we have to kind of go the extra mile on Mother's Day to make sure they feel special. I can only image how hard it must be on those moms who live thousands of miles away from their kids, and grandchildren.

A couple nights ago I ran to Walmart to pick up everything I would need for Mother's Day gifts this year, and I realized that there were quite a few ways you could make your mom feel special without breaking the bank, but being thoughtful at the same time. I think the biggest thing your mom wants to know on Mother's Day is that you love her, and that you care, so spending loads of money usually isn't necessary. 

1. Get Her Something She Needs: My mom has been using and refilling disposable water bottles for years now. At Christmas I told her that wasn't the healthiest option for her to be doing and so I knew for Mother's Day I would get her a real reuseable water bottle. It's something small that she needs, but she would never go and get one for herself. 

2. Something Just for Her: When I was at Walmart I saw that Coty had some new really pretty scents for spring and decided to grab the Fresh Rose + Peach scent for my mom. It wasn't very expensive, but smelled great, and is a thoughtful gesture for any woman in your life. (side note: the other company Derek had a job offer from was Coty... so it was kind of a "hee hee" moment when buying this last week). 

3. A Sweet Treat: My mom has loved York Peppermint Patties ever since I could remember... give your mom her favorite treat and I'm sure she'll love you, and hate you all at the same time. (My mom will undoubtedly comment that I'm going to make her fat).

4. A Thoughtful Card: In my family if you don't at least get my mom a card on Mother's Day it makes you the a terrible person. Don't be that person that doesn't at least get your mom a card.

5. A Picture of the Grandkids: So I didn't actually do this one because  I just thought of it now as I was writing this... but that probably would have been a good thing to do in hindsight. 

6. Decorate the Box: There isn't much you can do when you have to send a package for Mother's Day, a cardboard box is a cardboard box after all. I bought a cheap roll of washi tape though and decorated the outside of the box with it to make it a little more special for Mother's Day

What do you do for Mother's Day for the out of town women in your life? 


  1. What a sweet idea, love the box decorations.



  2. Great picks and idea! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Love these ideas. We've always lived away from our Moms too and it seems to get harder and harder to get together a thoughtful gift.

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  4. One of the best things about having kids is using their pictures (and artwork) for grandparent gifts!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  5. This is a great idea! While my mother isn't across the country, the 70 mile drive for a cliche dinner isn't ideal, and who doesn't love getting mail! These are a lot more thoughtful than dinner at the Olive Garden, for example. :)

  6. Great ideas! I always think a picture of a grandkids is a winner for any grand parent gift
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