10 Alternative Ways to use Baby Wipes + Giveaway!

I used to think that baby wipes were simply for wiping bums. Now that I've bought probably close to a million wipes in my three years of parenting, I can safely say that they aren't just for diaper changes, they're a way of life. I keep telling Derek that I'm going to be really sad when it's no longer acceptable for me to carry wipes on me at all times. But then I remind myself that I shouldn't care about what other people think, and that when a crisis arises, I'll get the last laugh because I was prepared with my wipes.

Maybe some people think it's a little weird/strange/gross to clean everything with baby wipes, but I don't. We love using the natural ones from Huggies because they don't leave any residue behind and they're soft and gentle on my kinds hands, faces, etc... Here are just some of the ways I use them aside from the hourly diaper changes:

Cleaning the Car: I can't tell you how fast a car can go from clean to crazy with two little kids, but every once in a while I'll whip the wipes out of my diaper bag and give the cup holders, dashboard, gear shift, etc... a good wipe down and I instantly feel ten times better about our quality of life.

Wiping the Table: I do wash the table with hot soap and water every night before bed, but in between meals, I just wipe the previous meal up with some wipes and move on. Simple and effective.

Cleaning the High Chair: High chairs get so nasty so quick, I swear I've used half of the one million purchased wipes getting inside every little nook and cranny of that thing. 

Light Dusting: I'm not a big duster, but once a month I'll take a few wipes and wipe down our shelves and windows and call it good. 

Spot Cleaning the Floor: We mop every Saturday with our swiffer, but for the in between spills of jam, and syrup, and other little things that toddlers get everywhere, we clean wipe it up with a wipe and call it good. 

Spots on the Couch: Our couches are always getting little bits of schmutz on them and the wipes are gentle enough that they don't harm the fabric but are good enough to get the spots out. #lifesaver. 

Marks on the Walls: I don't recommend this if you have flat paint (aka your walls feel rough like a chalk board), but if you have normal smooth walls and a little person who gets dirt, crayon, food coloring (speaking from experiences here), a little elbow grease, and some wipes will get that taken care of for you!

Cleaning Counter Tops: Again, we give them a thorough clean at the end of the night, but for in between messes like PBJ, and things that aren't meat, eggs, and other salmonella causing bacteria, we use wipes to get the job done fast.  

Wiping Noses: Because no one has money left for tissues when you buy wipes for three years straight.

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  1. I don't have kids but I have still buy baby wipes because they're pretty handy :) We use them on our English bulldog all the time. We have to wipe the goop from his eyes and sometimes we even have to wipe his butt because his tail is curled weird and he can't get it out of the way very well. lol.


  2. I always have baby wipes at the ready especially the really soft ones as I like using them to initially remove makeup.


  3. I love using baby wipes to help clean my face! It gets all the makeup off, and makes my face feel soft and clean. You should try it sometime!

  4. I really like Huggies wipes! I use it to clean up messes in my kitchen as well as on my daughter.

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  7. Using baby wipes for cleaning counters, wiping off the dust on my window frames and even polishing mirrors? I must admit I'm guilty of those.
    I can be occasionally seen sneaking in a pack of wet wipes along with my lipstick and wallet in my fancy purse. I'm also proud to be that one person that saves the day with a pack of fresh-smelling wipes. I only recently started using them in my spring cleaning and I couldn't be more happy with the results.
    Kudos for sharing your handy uses for wet wipes and coming out as a self-admitted wipe-a-holic. I loved every bit of your post!

    Best wishes,

  8. nice post, many thanks for you :)

  9. Me too! i love cleaning the table using baby wipes most of time after eating. I also use it to clean the dusty side on our window

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  11. This a great post. I have one and half years older baby. I bought many of bay wipes for my baby. It is very useful and very pretty.

  12. nice tips! i usually have a wipes in my bag, its very useful especially to my kids

  13. We use baby wipes all the time at our business. It really works well.