Easy Lunchbox Ideas

If you asked me last year, I would have told you yes, we're planning on sending Jay to preschool next year. Yes, he'll go two days per week in the mornings. Yes, it's going to be awesome. Fast forward, this school year is here, and I didn't realize that school starts the second week of August in Georgia, and that all the preschools fill up in February. Needless to say, we've been wait listed and are possibly, maybe doing school this year? Who knows.

I've been making plans like we're going to school. The clothes and shoes are bought, the lunchbox and backpack are by the door, we're just waiting for the call saying we're in. I've already been thinking a lot about what mom I want to be when it comes to packing my kids lunches, and for me, I've decided that balance is key. Jay doesn't like to branch out too much with what he has for lunch each day. Mainly it's PBJ, chicken nuggets, or a black bean burrito. The snacks and sides though are what he lives for. I try hard to make sure each lunch is filled with one of his favorite main dishes, and then a balance of one fruit, one dairy, one snack, and some water. We rotate between bananas, apples, and oranges... but when in peach season in Georgia, we throw those in too. I also love switching between yogurt, or string cheese for Jay because they're easy and he can eat them himself.

I think that the best way to have your child eat their lunch each day is to have them help you make it. I've been having Jay help me in the kitchen for over a year now and it's amazing to see how much he loves taking ownership over the food he makes. He is so much more willing to eat when he's helped to put it together. Because school doesn't start until 9am here, we have a lot of time in the morning for him to help pack his lunch, and I know I'll love the extra few minutes I'll get with him before I send him out the door.

I've also decided that I want to be that mom who leaves cute notes for their kids in their lunches. Mainly because I love being cheesy, but also because I was secretly jealous of the kids in school growing up that got notes in their lunches when I didn't. That's how parenting works right?

I find it hard though to find snacks that I'm okay with him eating. So many things that taste good aren't made with great ingredients, or have chemicals in them that I don't feel comfortable feeding to my family. Horizon recently approached me about their new snack line and I was blown away by the options that they have, and how great their products taste. I'm still on the hunt to get my hands on their new yogurt pouches, but their new snack crackers have recently made their way to the top of our family's list of favorite snack foods. The grahams are my favorite because they're sweet and delicious, without the guilt of added chemicals and preservatives. A parenting win right there. 

Have you tried any of Horizon's snack products? What do you pack your kids for lunch? I'm a total newbie to this whole school thing so any tips would be great!

This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Preschool and Prek is nuts around here how quickly it fills up! You're going to make an awesome preschool co-op if it doesn't work out though.

  2. Those lunches look delicious and I wouldn't mind eating one of those myself. I do love Horizon products. I especially love their mac n cheese. I usually get Annies brand, but I love Horizon a bit better.
    I remember getting cute notes in my lunch box. Elementary kids get a comfort in notes I think when they start missing mom or dad.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I definitely needed them ;)

  4. those little crackers look delicious! my son would love them!!

    Sandy a la Mode