Whipped Root Beer Float

Thursday is National Root Beer Float day. Did you know? I usually don't participate in these kinds of things, mainly because I usually want to celebrate the day of, and not have a fake celebration three days before just so I can put it on the blog, but this time I decided to go for it. Plus root beer floats are easy, and delicious holiday or not. 

I decided to fancy this float up a bit by whipping it all together in the blender, and then putting chocolate sprinkles on the rim of the glass and doing the whip cream, but if you're not inclined to get that fancy, you can totally just do the ice cream and root beer portion of this recipe and skip the rest. Although the entire thing is pretty delicious as a package deal, so I don't recommend skipping a thing. 

1 cup root beer
3 cups vanilla ice cream
chocolate sprinkles
chocolate syrup
whipped cream

Blend together the root beer and the ice cream together in a blender until smooth. Dip the edge of your glass in chocolate syrup, and then roll the rim in the chocolate sprinkles. Pour the root beer mixture into the glass and then top with whipped cream. Drizzle chocolate syrup and put a cherry on top and viola! A delicious root beer float!


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  2. This looks amazing! I scheduled it to pin :D