Master Bathroom Tour - 2015 Thu, Sep 17

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When we moved into this house in March we didn't know how long we would be here. Two months after signing our year long lease we found ourselves putting an offer in on a house that we thought was THE ONE. As you can guess, our offer was declined and they went with another one (even though our offer was higher, with an earlier closing date... but I'm trying to get over it so I'm going to stop talking about it.) After that we decided that we were likely going to be in this house for at least a year and we decided to do all we could to make it feel like home.

We've moved six times in three and a half years and I wanted to feel settled. No matter how long or short the time was going to be, I wanted our time here to feel like home. That meant hanging pictures on the wall, buying accent pieces, and investing in organizational pieces that fit this home. Even if that means they don't exactly fit where we'll be next, I wanted to have some structure and order in my life.

We've never once had a very organized and inviting master bathroom. I use the term master pretty loosely though because this bathroom is connected to our bedroom, but it's also the only bathroom in the upstairs of our house, with another entrance from the hallway. So Jack and Jill maybe? Anyways, our bathrooms have always been disorganized and frankly, a mess. I didn't want that to keep being our thing, especially with four people all sharing a bathroom, so one of the first things I did when we moved in was spend an entire day organizing and cleaning the upstairs bathroom.

The first order of business was getting acrylic organizers to store bathroom necessities like cotton swabs, tweezers, nail clippers, etc... These were items that always took over the counter of our sink, and if  I dropped one more thing down the drain I was going to lose my mind. We also bought acrylic drawer organizers because I would previously chuck all my make up and skincare products into a drawer and it would become a disgusting unorganized mess. Having all the drawers organized not only makes things cleaner, but it allows me to get ready in under 10 minutes since I now know where everything is.

The major thing that drove Derek crazy was shower organization. When my friend's mom came to help us after having Em, she bought us a toy organizer for all of Jay's toys which we're still using for all of that. We also purchased a shower rack to hold all our shampoos and soaps in one spot so they were no longer lining the perimeter of our tub. Such a small thing, but it's really been life changing to not be knocking things over all the time.

One thing that was annoying about this room when we moved in was that there was no towel rack, and we quickly learned that if it wasn't a life threatening necessity, our landlord wasn't likely to fix it. So we bought and installed our own and are planning on removing it when we leave for a little stick it to the man kind of thing. Immature I realize but it is what it is.

Finally, I realized that one thing I can't stand is buying my bathroom products in bulk. While it's a nice theory, and might be more fitting for us when we have the space some day, I realized that its impractical for us to buy 60 rolls of toilet paper at once when we don't have anywhere to store it. We used to have bathroom supplies in random spots in our home, and now we only keep what fits under the sink.... One pack of Quilted Northern Soft and Strong toilet paper from Walmart, (this one is our favorite because it has a unique construction that limits tissue ripping and separation. It is designed to be strong, flexible and soft for overall durable comfort), Derek's contacts, and some cleaning supplies. Having an organized space makes my life so much easier!

What are your favorite ways to organize your bathroom? Or the rest of your home? I'd love any and all tips! Especially the kitchen... that's definitely next on my list!


  1. Cute bathroom! I had no idea that y'all had put a higher offer etc. on your house. I can understand why that would be hard to get over. I'm just glad we know y'all are in the ward for another year :)

  2. I feel ya with a landlord that is less than agreeable.

    It's always such an invigorating feeling knowing that your landlord's m.o. is to get you to pay his mortgage and a little extra spending money and that he has no intention of improving the home with that money. I'm not sure if that's your landlord, but it's ours. He gave us a dishwasher (but no garbage disposal??) But refused to put a fence up to you know, keep our 2 year old from running into a busy street. I'd rather know that there is no chance of me turning my back for a moment and her getting killed than a dishwasher.

    Okay, I'm done venting!

  3. lovely bathroom tour! thanks for sharing to us!


  4. My husband and I are landlord . We try to be fair as possible. I like your bath room. Can't wait to see some more fall fashion posts. II need inspiration. Be sure to check my blog today as well. I talk about deals.

  5. Lol I am horribly unorganized and is it bad that I don't care?? I keep exactly one room in my house that I am allowed to keep in constant disarray and it keeps me sane :)

    Pink Wings

  6. You did a really nice job organizing your bathroom! Can you come over and help me with mine? haha Ours is TINY with zero storage and no room to add any. I need to get an organizer like the ones you have in the shower! Great ideas! #client