11 Children's Books to Read This Fall

I feel like as soon as September hits, everyone is all about the pumpkin everything and everyone misses one of the better parts about fall. What about the apples? I feel like in the last few years they've become an overlooked part of the season, and sometimes I feel like they need their moment too. We're going apple picking this weekend and it's hard to contain the excitement. 

For this fall book list I decided to keep it to strictly fall things. Not too many pumpkin titles, giving a lot of love to the overlooked apples, and an honorable mention to the leaves. These are all the books that we took out from the library this week and they've all been a raging success. 

I'm going to be breaking up fall children's book lists into three categories. All things fall (today), and then I'll be doing a best of Halloween at the beginning of next month, and the best of Thanksgiving in November,  so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well!

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin- We love the duck and goose board book series and this one is perfect for fall. Em has been loving reading this one before nap time each day!

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves- An adorable story about a little fox who is worried when all the leaves start to fall from the trees. Then winter comes and he gets a big surprise!

10 Apples Up On Top- I remember my mom reading this one all the time when I was little. Jay has been loving counting all the apples and you can never go wrong with Dr Seuss.

Applesauce Season- This is such a fun and beautifully illustrated story about the process of making applesauce! This would also make for a fun day of reading, and then actually making applesauce with your little ones!

Mouse's First Fall- This is a cute story about all the things a little mouse loves to do in the fall! It's also part of a series of other "Mouse's First" books that I'm wanting to check out now!

Apple Pie ABC- This is fun book about a little puppy who will do anything for a slice of apple pie!

Apples and Pumpkins- This one is I guess more of a Halloween story but it starts off in an apple orchard, and then mom, dad, and daughter go off to find the perfect pumpkin for a Halloween Jack-o-lantern

Leaf Jumpers- A beautifully written book that teaches children how to identify different types of leaves and explains why leaves change colors. Jay has been loving this one!

One More Acorn- When Don Freeman died in 1978 his son Roy found some artwork and unfinished stories that hadn't been published. This book about a squirrel in DC is one of those stories, finished by his son Roy.

Johnny Appleseed- A classic fall story that every kid needs to hear once, or a thousand times.

Sophie's Squash- Emily mentioned this book on her instagram earlier this week and it was a joyful last minute addition to our library list! It's a fun story about a girl who gets a squash from the Farmer's Market with her parents but keeps it as a friend instead of food.


  1. Thanks for sharing this list of books! I don't have any kids yet, but work with them so these will definitely be added to my list!

  2. Oh I love so many of these books and some I hadn't heard of before! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!

    Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com

  3. What a sweet selection of books! I will be picking up some of these for my niece and nephew! :)


  4. I love children's books! I still love it when my mom reads them to me :) Since she teaches early childhood development, she has a large collection of children's books. I'll have to have her check out this post :)


  5. I just blogged about some of our favorite Autumn reads last week, but surprisingly enough, I think we've only read a couple from this list. Printing this out for the library today! Thanks!

  6. How lovely :))


  7. I agree! Growing up we would always meet my grandparents in Vermont to go apple picking in the Fall. It's one of my favorite memories. I don't know if there are any apple orchards in Cali.......:(
    Great post!

    Pink Wings