7 Books to Read This Thanksgiving

In continuation of my holiday book list series, today I'm back to share with you my top picks for Thanksgiving picture books. When I make these lists I typically Google, "Thanksgiving picture books", and then I see what comes up. I surf through about ten or so websites, and then I add all the titles that sound interesting to an Amazon Wishlist (just to keep things organized). I then take that "wishlist" and head over to my library's website and see which titles are available for me to put on hold and take out. I had eighteen books on my list that I had wanted to read, but the sad library system that we have here in Georgia only had six of the titles I wanted to read. Luckily, I loved all of the ones I was able to get my hands on so if you're in the market for Thanksgiving stories, these are some great ones to start off with. I'll also leave a list at the bottom of stories I still want to read, but wasn't able to find. 

Over the River and Through the Wood: This picture book has beautiful illustrations to the poem we all know, and sung as a child. Although I was shocked to see that the book said, "to grandfather's house we go...", I could have sworn it was grandmother's my entire life. 

The First Thanksgiving Day: A Counting Story: This fun picture book takes you through the preparations that the Indians and Pilgrims went through to prepare the first Thanksgiving feast. It has a warm message of working together and loving your neighbor despite differences. 

Balloons Over Broadway: Being from New York I loved this book that told the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (which I knew none of until I read this). The pictures are beautiful, the historical events are told in simple ways for young readers, and I even welled up a few tears as I was reading this to Jay. There aren't any sad parts... I think it was just "I miss New York in the fall".

Arthur's Thanksgiving: Arthur is assigned to be the director of the school's Thanksgiving play, but what is he to do when no one wants to play the most important role of the Thanksgiving turkey?

Run, Turkey, Run!: It's almost Thanksgiving and everyone on the farm is getting ready and excited for the big day... everyone except for Turkey that is. Can he escape the Farmer in time, or will he become dinner?

The Night Before Thanksgiving: You guys all knew this book from Natasha Wing was going to be on here right? The only book I purchased this month and it found it's home next to the rest of the collection on our bookshelf.

One is a Feast for Mouse: Mouse peeks out of his hole after Thanksgiving dinner and sees one little pea on the kitchen table... along with a ton of other leftovers. Can he get them all back to his hole without getting caught? 

More Thanksgiving Titles:


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  2. These are cute books! I love going to the bookstore and finding illustrators that I like now for children's books.