8 Kids Thanksgiving Movies

 Kids Thanksgiving movies are the perfect way to cuddle up together for family movie night leading up to Thanksgiving day. These eight titles will surely become family favorites throughout the holiday season.   

Does anyone else feel like Thanksgiving is a somewhat difficult holiday to celebrate? There aren't too many good Thanksgiving books to read with kids, there seems to be a lot of content that is culturally insensitive to Native Americans and the true origins of the holiday, and finding something to watch that is light and fluffy, while still being festive seems nearly impossible. I've gathered together 8 kids Thanksgiving movies that will hopefully be fun and entertaining while still getting your family in the festive mindset for the upcoming holiday! 

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8 Kids Thanksgiving Movies:

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: Did anyone else grow up watching all things Charlie Brown for every holiday and event? I did and I'm trying to project that onto my children and their future off spring as well. I love the simple message of this movie about gathering with friends and sharing what you have, even if it doesn't look perfect or make total sense. All the Charlie Brown movies will not be avaialable to watch on TV this year, and the DVDs are selling out like crazy online. You can watch for free on AppleTV+ from Nov 25th- Nov 27th. 

Garfield Thanksgiving: Garfield always reminds me of my grandma who was the epitome of creepy cat lady. This Garfield Thanksgiving show is available to watch on Youtube, and if you're into watching a man make Thanksgiving dinner while making a fool of himself, this is for you. It's 30 minutes long and is a great quick watch! 

Free Birds: This cute movie is about two turkeys who are vastly different from each other but decide to work together to travel back in time to get turkey taken off the Thanksgiving dinner menu. It sounds super cute and I'm excited to watch it with my kids! Available to rent or purchase on Amazon.

Winne the Pooh: Seasons of Giving: Is there anything more wholesome than Winnie The Pooh? In this Thanksgiving special Pooh Bear and his friends discover their new favorite season, and find the fixings for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. You can watch a low quality version for free on Youtube via this playlist, or there are several used DVD options you can find online.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration: Alvin and the Chipmunks were a huge classic in my house growing up. Their Thanksgiving special is wildly popular and on every single Thanksgiving movie list I saw while prepping this post. You can watch this by purchasing the entire Chipmunk Holiday collection on Amazon for $20+ or just the Thanksgiving version for a whopping $35. It might be available to stream from some obscure source online. But these are the two best legal options from what I can see. 

Turkey Hollow: A Jim Henson's movie about two kids who find themselves bored and without internet tracking an elusive monster that everyone else in town thought was an urban legend. A great movie for older kids with live people and rate PG. 

We’re back: A Dinosaur’s Story: A couple of kids in NYC wish for something amazing to happen and find themselves hiding some dinosaurs in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at the start of their big adventure. DVD is available to purchase on Amazon. 

The Mouse on the Mayflower: This movie tells about the Pilgrims original voyage on The Mayflower from the perspective of a mouse who saves the ship during a storm at sea. When they arrive to America safely they start their church, sign The Mayflower Compact, and have the first Thanksgiving feast. Available to watch on Youtube.

Are there any Kids Thanksgiving Movies you like watching during this time with your children? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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