15 Christmas Kid's Books

Is there anything better than celebrating the holiday season with some Christmas kids books? These 15 picks will help you celebrate the season!

With Christmas a little over a month away, now is a great time to add a few new Christmas kid's books to your holiday collection, or to start placing those holds at the library so you can get your hands on some new read-aloud-books with your kids. Books are my favorite way to celebrate any holiday, and you can't go wrong with any fo the Christmas Kid's Books on this list.  

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Christmas Kid's Books:

A Creature Was Stirring: The story of a little boy who couldn't fall asleep on Christmas night and found himself awake when Santa got there!

Room for a Little One: A short cute story about the birth of Jesus. I love how it's written so young readers really know whats going on. 

Mooseltoe: One papa Moose will do all he can to make sure his family has a great Christmas. Find out what he does when they find themselves without a Christmas tree the night before Santa gets there.

Ten on a Sled: A fun story about a reindeer going on a sleigh ride with his favorite animal friends.

The Christmas Story: A Little Golden Book story about the Birth of Christ. This one goes a lot more in depth than the Room for a Little One, and it's incredibly affordable if you can't find it at your library.

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas: You know me and my love for Natasha Wing books. This one was a no brainer for the list.

Christmas Farm: This story is beautifully written and one of my favorites. It's about an older woman that has a sunflower farm and decides to switch things up with Christmas trees. It's a really great story with beautiful illustrations.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree: Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree is too big for his house. So he cuts off the top and the story tells how the little top of his tree provided Christmas cheer for all the animals near and far. 

Olive, The Other Reindeer: Olive the dog here's the song "all of the other reindeer...", and thinks they're saying "Olive", read all about her fun adventures as she tries to help Santa and his team.

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!: We're huge fans of Click Clack Moo and have loved getting the other books in the series. This one has been welcomed addition.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: I personally love the Grinch and find that it's not Christmas without reading the book and watching the movies. It's a holiday classic and there is something great about someone who softens their heart and gives back to others. 

The Polar Express: Another holiday must! We admittedly have never read the book and have only watched the movie, but I think this is the year we need to add it to our collection and make it a part of our traditions. 

Little Red Sleigh: This book is a new release for 2020 and is about a little red sleigh that has dreams of becoming Santa's real sleigh one day. I hear this is really heartwarming and a great story to read, and I can't wait to read it this year. 

Pick a Pine Tree: This fun book takes you through the process of picking out a Christmas tree and getting it ready for the holiday season! Maybe it's because we don't have our tree up yet, but this is one that I'm excited to read with the kids soon!

5 Sleeps Til Christmas: Another new release for 2020 from Jimmy Fallon! He has some really wonderful children's books, and I can't wait for this sweet book about a child counting down the days until Christmas morning. 

What are some of your favorite books to read during the holidays? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. Olive is one of my favorite holiday reads! So cute


  2. I used to read Mooseltoe and Olive to my class when I was teaching. One of my current favs to read to my daughter is Little Critter's the Night Before Christmas. It's a fun twist on a classic and Little Critter has been one of my favs since I was a kid. Love that I can share that with my daughter now. I think we need to get our hands on Click, Clack, Ho Ho Ho!


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  4. What exactly are you looking for in a charmed book that talks about Christ's birth? What disappointed you about the ones you read? I read a couple at Marshall's yesterday, but didn't buy either of them. They were fine, but one of them showed the size men visiting the infant Jesus, and I remember hearing that the Christ child was a little older by the time they came. Anyway, if I know what you're looking for exactly, I'll try to help out.

  5. Love this list! (And you have NO idea how excited I am to read these!) I was just lamenting to my husband the other day that I used library books for our 12 days of christmas book advent, and quite a few of them have turned out to be . . . less than great. It can be tough to find great Christmas books!