"Boob Length Hair"

During my pregnancy with Em, exactly 20 months ago, I took it upon myself to chop off all my hair. It's been a dream of mine for the last 10ish years to have "boob length hair", and I always managed to cut my hair right before it got to that point. But here I am, 20 months away from my last hair cut, with boob length hair and all it's glory. It's the small victories in life really. Although, now we have the problem that since my hair is pretty thin, the long hair just looks a little stringy, but it's a problem I'm willing to live with for a while. It's all in the name of long hair afterall. 

Sweater: Old Navy
Vest: J Crew
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Just Fab


  1. Cool style !


  2. I love the length you have, and you have such a gorgeous smile!!


  3. Cute outfit. You look good with the length of hair you have. :)


  4. Well that's just hilarious haha! Your hair looks great and love the cozy outfit <3

    Pink Wings

  5. I really like this look. Comfort and beauty together
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  6. Gorgeous hair!
    From one thin hair woman to another, I found that if I cut a half inch off every 6 weeks, my hair actually doesn't get stringy and feels considerably thicker. You might try that to see if it helps. I just have to make sure to put in my calendar that that's the week I need to have my hair trimmed. :)

    Also, I know my hair grown about an inch and a half a month, so if you can figure out how fast your hair grows, you can figure out how much to trim so that your hair actually makes progress in growing. LOL.

  7. It looks great, not stringy at all! Have you ever tried a volumizer, though? Dry Bar makes a good one!

  8. You look so cute!! :)


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