DIY Valentine's Pom Pom Pillow

Last year I started a series doing DIY projects for under $15. I don't know why it only lasted for a few weeks because I had so much fun making this polka dot infinity scarf, and this jewelry holder. I've been having the itch to get back into crafty things and wanted to make a fun pillow for Valentine's this year. Pom-poms have been huge over the last year, and I've seen them everywhere, on everything. I thought making a heart pillow using pom-poms for the heart would be super fun, and I was right. Bonus points because this pillow was incredibly easy to put together. 

White Pillow
Red, White, Pink Pom-Poms
Heart Printout
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue

On your computer, go into  paint and using the heart tool, make one large heart that will fill an entire 8x11.5 piece of paper. If you're good at drawing you can skip this step and draw the heart straight onto the pillow with your pen. Print out your heart and then cut it out. Use the hear cutout to trace your heart shape onto the center of your pillow. 

Using your hot glue gun, dab some glue onto a pom-pom and then adhere it to the pillow. Do the entire outline of the hear first, and then fill in the middle.


  1. Oh! so cute! I want one!

  2. This is so cute! I love it! At first I thought you drew on the heart yourself and I was very impressed with you heart drawing skills. lol. But printing it from the computer is way easier! Such a cute pillow!

  3. This is adorable!! Love this idea!

    xo Lauren

  4. Gah!! This is exactly what my bedroom needs! :) love this and how affordable it is. I would keep it out the whole year round!

  5. Super cute! Oh I love Valentine's Day

    Pink Wings

  6. Very cute pillow! I have seen a lot of people draw with a marker on pillows or napkins to give themselves to do embroidery and I really want to try that :)!

  7. Extremely cute! And it looks so easy to make! I'm definitely doing it but I will look for a colorful pillow since white ones don't stay white for long.. at least at my place :D Thanks for the idea!!! Just in time!
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