A Sweet and Simple Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays. As much as I love being pampered and waited on for the day, I love reflecting on the special privilege that I have in being a mother, and all the prayers and faith that it took to get our babies here. Parenting is hard, but it is the greatest thing I've ever done. I love being able to watch my kids learn and grow. I love challenging them, and seeing them blossom through their own difficulties. 

That's why on Mother's Day, I personally love getting gifts that remind me of my children, and the phase of parenting that we're in right now. My dear friend Jaye recently sent me these beautiful silhouettes from her shop, Sweetheart Silhouettes, and I love how well they capture Jay and Em, and the stage of life that we're currently in. The best part? They're only $5 each, and can easily be tucked inside a Mother's Day Card, and will surely help give mom all the warm fuzzies about her little ones.

The design process is really easy, and I love how helpful Jaye was during it all. To create your picture, you just need to take a profile view image of your child(ren), and send it on over to Jaye. She does all the work in creating the silhouette, and then you get to pick the background that your images are set upon. I got this adorable floral print for Em, and a triangular modern print of Jay, and I think that they capture both of their personalities really well!

To get these in time for Mother's Day, send Jaye a message on her Instagram account, and she'll help take you through the entire process. Last day to order in time for Mother's Day is Wednesday 5/10/17, so start taking your pictures now and you can have a lovely gift for mom on her special day. 

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  1. Those are beautiful!! Tell your friend she did a great job!! :) Love your blog! XOXO