Kitchen Progress Update + A Dream Kitchen $12,000 Giveaway

In a little over a month, Derek and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in our house. In the time that we've lived here we've accomplished way more in terms of home renovations than I ever thought we would. We started small with painting Jay's bedroom, and then moved onto painting the play room. After that we added some industrial shelves to our powder bathroom, and then moved on to tackling the kitchen. 

It still feels so unreal to me that we are almost finished with our kitchen renovation. What started off as a dream when we first purchased the home, will be our reality in just two more weeks. Two weeks until I have my dream kitchen. I never would have imagined being able to get it done, but the first major ticket item fell into our laps for free, and then everything else happened around it.

During the winter, we had friends up the street from us who had a leak in their home. The water went from their upstairs bathroom, through the ceiling, and into their kitchen, ruining about 4 square feet of the laminate hardwood floors in their home. The homeowners insurance came, and wound up giving them all new floors on the entire first floor of their house, and when they took out the rest of the floors that were untouched from the water damage, they gave them to us for our house for free. This turned what would have been a $3,000 job in our kitchen into a $60 run to the hardware store to get the tools needed for install.

I wanted to get a new light fixture to go above our dinning room table, and reached out to a company who actually sent us one for free in exchange for a blog post that will be going up next month. Taking down the old light fixture and adding the new one completely changed the entire look of our dinning room, and I can't wait for the entire space to be completed!

Next we got some cheap granite we found on Craigslist and had 38 square feet installed for $1,200. Derek was convinced that I'd handed a con-artist an upfront check that he was going to run away with, and that we were never going to be getting real counters, so I was really happy when everyone came on install day and I didn't actually get ripped off. Because we got new counters, this meant we also had to invest in a new sink, and faucet, so we upgraded all those items at once. 

Now here we are, waiting for our painter to come in two weeks to paint our kitchen cabinets and the walls in our dinning space and down our stairs. What started off as a huge task that we thought would never get done, has turned into a relatively fun and easy process that we've actually really enjoyed. 

While new cabinets weren't in the picture for us and this home, we've teamed up with Wellborn Cabinets today to share with you their dream kitchen giveaway. They're going to be giving one lucky reader the chance to win a $12,000 check for them to get the kitchen of their dreams. You can find Wellborn Kitchen dealers all throughout the South East States, where they can help you design your own dream kitchen, and have their licensed contractors come and install the entire thing for you. They have a large selection of cabinets from shaker, arched, and raised panels! Whatever you're looking for, they have it!

To enter their dream kitchen giveaway, head on over to the Wellborn Cabinet Site, and fill out the form for you to be entered to win a check for $12,000 to go toward your own dream kitchen remodel! And don't forget to come back here in a few weeks to see how our entire remodel turned out!

This post was sponsored on behalf of Wellborn Cabinets inc, on behalf of Blog Meets Brand, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Your new countertops are beautiful and I'm so happy for you to start having your kitchen finished!! :) It has got to be such a great feeling.

  2. Hearing that someone got their dream kitchen honestly makes me want to cry! I've never lived in a house that I like the kitchen (i've moved 7 times in the last 7 years!) so kudos to you! I'm holding out hope I'll have my perfect kitchen one day!

  3. Yay, I'm so happy for you guys!!!