A New Elf Christmas Tradition

This post is sponsored by Mondalez Holiday Candy, and Walmart. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Derek and I are at the point in parenting where we're trying to test the waters of lots of different holiday traditions to see which ones we want to keep throughout the years. One tradition that we tested out this year was doing a "Mischievous Elf". If you haven't seen these, they're essentially a small elf that you move around the house each day in the month of December and have them do small naughty/funny things each day. 

The tradition didn't go as planned because I was sick for most of December, so we did it the first day, and we've done it for the last week now that we're on the homestretch towards Christmas. Yesterday we did a fun little elf setup in the bathroom and both of the kids thought that it was absolutely hilarious. 

Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are Derek and I's favorite candy around Halloween time, so we thought there had to be a fun way to incorporate them into the holiday season. Since Sour Patch Kids come in a variety of colors, we picked out the red and green ones, and set them up along the sink in toothpaste seats so that they could get a front row glimpse at our Mischievous Elf fishing for the fruity Swedish fish in the sink below. 

I thought this played well to the Sour Patch Kids personality because, are they being sour? Or are they being sweet as they watch the elf fishing? We may never know. We also decided to use the original Red Swedish Fish, but you could make this even more fun by using the Assorted, or Aqua life varieties!

With only four more days until Christmas, what are some last minute antics your elves will be up to in the next few days? Leave some fun suggestions in the comments below!