My Tips for Getting Ahead of Laundry After the Holidays

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Getting back into the swing of your everyday routine is so hard when you've been doing anything but routine for the last several days. We've had Derek home for ten days, have been traveling, playing with cousins, the whole nine yards. While I don't claim to be the master of all things home cleaning and organization, I do have a few tips of things that have worked well for me over the years to feel like getting home from the holidays is a little less chaotic. My number one tip though is to purchase Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Detergent from Sam's Club.

1. Buy Detergent in Bulk: Detergent is the one the things in the house that I never want to be out of. I like to purchase the Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Detergent from Sam's Club because one bottle lasts months in our house, and it removes stains from clothes the first time around. Bonus points, they've recently reformulated and their detergent now has stronger brightening and whitening power! After playing and making messes for over a week straight, it's nice to know I won't have to work hard at getting the kid's clothes clean. Be sure to shop Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Detergent at Sam's Club between 12/2717 and 1/28/18 for $2 instant savings!

2. Do Not Bring Suitcases into the Bedrooms: When you get home from vacation, I think our first instinct is to get everyone's belongings put away and have everyone take their things to their rooms, but I like to unpack the suitcases down in the basement so that we don't have to comb through the house collecting everyone's laundry. I love being able to sort the lights, darks, and whites right when we get home so we can get the loads up and going. 

3. Fold the Clothes as Soon as They Come Out of the Dryer: I used to be awful about letting the clothes that come out of the dryer pile up on the basement floor for weeks and weeks and then we'd have to go down four flights of stairs every time we got dressed because I never brought the clothes back upstairs. Now as soon as the clothes get out of the dryer, I fold all the clothes into each person's pile, and then have Jay come and put his and Em's clothes away, and take Derek and I's up to my bedroom and it makes life so much easier. Definitely one of those things that takes 10 minutes of work now to save you from wasting time going up and down to the laundry room every single day of your life. 

4. Throw Away Clothes That No Longer Serve You: If you pull something out of the wash and it's torn, strained beyond any detergent's power, shrunk, or damaged beyond all repair, simply throw it away now instead of hanging onto it for ages. This will make things easier when you put your good clothes away since there'll be more room for the clothes that are still serving you, and it won't be cluttering your space. 

These are all of my best laundry tips that we implement in our house. Let me know how you do things in the comments below. I always love gathering new ideas from mom's to make my life easier! 


  1. We're at the stage that it literally takes a week before we have enough laundry for a full load. My sons going to move back home soon, so that will change fast lol

  2. We would like to extend the best wishes from our family to yours! May the New Year bring only good things to all of you!

  3. I love these tips - especially not taking the suitcases to bedrooms. Gotta keep the laundry all in one place!!!

  4. your outfit is too cute. I need to see more pics of those shoes. maybe more style posts? Maybe more youtube videos, they were fun.