Saving Money on Prescription Medications

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If you've been following my blog for five seconds or more, you know that our family has a wide range of medical ailments that affect us on a daily basis. Between Em and her low muscle tone, and constipation, Jay and his new diagnosis of asthma, along with me and my asthma diagnosis, and all the health issues that Derek was having last summer, we find ourselves in the doctors office, and at the pharmacy quite often. 

This year as a way to save money, we decided to go with a high deductible health insurance plan. Our logic with this was that having a lower monthly premium would allow us to have more money in our monthly budget, and that we could supplement our insurance with other programs to help us save money on medical services and prescription medications.

One program we've been using this year is LifeInCheck™. LifeInCheck™ is a new prescription drug plan that helps to make prescription drugs affordable for the entire family. Through their program you can get up to 90% off generic, and 15% off name brand medications, and $175+ drugs are available at no cost to their members. On average members save $64 per prescription, which more than covers that subscription cost. 

Not only do I love the general savings across the board, but I love that you can use their site to see which local pharmacy in your area will give you the lowest price on your medications. There is also a feature on their site that lets you search for less expensive alternatives to your medication, so then you can consult with your doctor to see if you can take that drug instead. 

Since using LifeInCheck™, we've been able to save over $200 on prescription medications for our family, which is huge! When I signed up for LifeInCheck™ I just printed off their membership card, and placed it in my bag so that I would have it when ever we have to make a last minute trip to pick up a medication, so that I always know that I'm getting the best deal possible. 

If you're looking for a way to save money on your prescription drugs, LifeInCheck is offering a FREE 30 Day Trail for new members when you sign up through the link below! 

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LifeInCheck™ is brought to you by Inmar, a data and technology analytics company. Over the past 15 years, Inmar has created relationships with brands and retailers to provide consumers with the lowest price on prescribed medication. The LifeInCheck™ plan is not A Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or insurance.

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